13 cozy Portland restaurants and bars with fireplaces

With the growing number of Oregonians receiving COVID-19 boosters – and restaurants requiring proof of vaccination to dine indoors – some Portlanders are starting to return to restaurants, finally starting to let their guard down and enjoy a comfortable indoor dining area. With its reputation as a cold and rainy place, Portland has always been home to a number of restaurants and bars with fireplaces, places where people can sip stouts or soups by the hot crackle of the flame. Many Portland restaurants and bars have patios with outdoor fireplaces, from EastBurn to the Rambler; this map focuses specifically on restaurants with indoor fireplaces, although a few places on this map also have outdoor fireplace options for those who feel uncomfortable eating indoors. This card also ignores restaurants with wood-fired ovens in the kitchen – it’s pretty, but it’s not exactly what we’re looking for here. As usual, this card is unrated; it is geographically organized.

Note: Health experts consider restaurant meals to be a high risk activity for the unvaccinated; the latest data on the delta variant indicates that it may pose a low to moderate risk for vaccinees, especially in high transmission areas. The latest directive from the CDC is here; find a COVID-19 vaccination site here.

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To note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

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Sandy A. Greer