Burgerville and other Portland restaurants close today due to poor air quality

As Portland woke up this morning to a different sepia sky, several local restaurants closed today due to air quality going from “really, really bad” to unsafe, including most of the Burgerville franchise. .

The Vancouver, Wash.-Based fast food chain is closing nearly all of its 39 locations in Oregon and Washington, the only exception being its outpost at Portland International Airport.

In a press release, the company said it was “evaluating all restaurant ventilation systems to ensure safe and comfortable working environments for employees” and would reopen based on smoke conditions.

Burgerville also donates $ 10,000 to the Wildfire Relief Funds of the United Way Columbia Willamette and Mid-Willamette Valley Chapters.

Several other Portland-area restaurants have announced temporary closures, including Pine State Biscuits, Magna, Eem, and Ava Gene’s. Eater keeps a list of businesses that close today or over the weekend.

At the time of publication, Portland has the worst air quality of any major city in the world, far surpassing its closest competitors, San Francisco and Seattle, which also face smoke from nearby wildfires. . It is currently classified as “very unhealthy” and the elderly, children, and people with lung or heart disease are advised to stay indoors.

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