DeKalb County’s Best Restaurants for Brunch

Between plenty of vegetarian options and Asian-inspired pastries, DeKalb County residents have plenty of breakfast nooks to choose from.

Let our list of brunch restaurants, organized by city and food, guide you in your search for a new favorite morning meal.

Avondale Estates

Rising Son: Waffles

Rising wires serves a Southern brunch with unique twists. Order your waffles (plural, yes?) a la carte with fried chicken on top. Any late morning is sure to feel like a party with the crisp and sweet combination. The menu includes a handful of vegan options as well as the Vegan Grit Bowl with oatmeal, market vegetables and potlikker sauce.

Location: 124 N Avondale Rd; Website:

Arepa Mia: gluten-free options

Arepa Mia serves organic and local products. Their empanadas and arepas are served crispy and hot. Don’t forget to top them generously with a fried egg (it’s brunch after all) and their signature guasacaca sauce.

Location: 10 N Clarendon Ave continued a; Website:


First watch: French toast

Brioche French toast served at First watch feels as decadent as you could want. Choose from a generous list of fresh toppings, like mixed berry compote, syrup, powdered sugar and wheat germ to make this sweet brunch even more hearty. Expect the freshest ingredients and a beautiful presentation.

Location: 5001 Peachtree Blvd Suite 700; Website:


Folk art restaurant: Omelettes

Folk art restaurant is a cozy cafe with lots of character. If you’re all for a place that offers a hearty egg breakfast, be sure to order their 3 egg omelet which includes 3 light and fluffy eggs with your choice of toppings. And don’t forget the oatmeal and toast!

Location: 174 W Ponce de Leon Avenue; Website:

Go Vegan Grill: vegetarian and vegan options

Vegans and vegetarians will find a great brunch spot at Switch to the Vegan Grill, this Lawrenceville Freeway location. Go Vegans will be delighted when they see the eggless omelettes, meatless chicken, and waffles offered at this delicious vegetarian restaurant. Gluten-intolerant customers and vegetarians with soy allergies should ask their servers for safe and delicious selections.

Location: 2179 Lawrenceville Highway #D; Website:


Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe: Donuts

The Doraville branch of Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe offers a plethora of international baked goods, but particularly focuses on Chinese and Japanese pastries and sweets. Enjoy a tall glass of boba milk tea with delicious tapioca pearls, accompanied by a green tea glazed donut or a Hokkaido vanilla cupcake filled with sweetened buttercream.

Location: 5150 Buford Hwy NE A-100; Website:

Paris Baguette: Pastries

The only Georgian branch of this 70-year-old company, Parisian baguette emphasizes fresh bread and delicate pastries. Diners can stop for a cheese danish or fruit pastry or sit down for a stuffed croissant while visiting.

Location: 5252 Buford Hwy NE; Website:


Bagel Boys Cafe: Bagels

For those looking for a quick bite with substance, grab a refreshing smoothie with your spinach, bacon, and artichoke bagel or an Asiago bagel dog at Bagel Boys Cafe coffee. The restaurant also offers a selection of paninis, salads and soups for those looking for bigger dishes.

Location: 6355 Peachtree Dunwoody Road; Website:

Café Intermezzo: Pancakes

Start your day with a plate full of Intermezzo’s Coffee gourmet savory pancakes. Toppings include duck simmered with sweet onions and smoked turkey smothered in brie. Diners can also enjoy the restaurant’s croissants and French toast, or share an artisan cheese platter.

Location: 4505 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE; Website:


Granny’s Kitchen: Cookies

A favorite breakfast of Lithonia locals, Grandma’s kitchen offers comfort food that tastes like home. Fried chicken biscuit is one of the most popular choices, but dishes like salmon cakes with cheesy eggs and oatmeal are also worth trying.

Location: 2821 Evans Mill Rd #7441; Website:

stone mountain

The original creperie: crepes

Founded in 1953 in Portland, Oregon, The original creperie offers more than a dozen varieties of pancakes, including peanut oil-free potato pancakes and their Hawaiian pancakes, stuffed with fresh pineapple. Diners can also treat themselves to a small Dutch pancake or a pancake filled with banana.

Location: 5099 Memorial Drive; Website:

This story was originally posted by Tiffany Stevens in 2016 and has since been updated.

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