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  • The Heathman is an iconic historic Portland hotel, fusing classic architecture and postmodern artwork with updated interiors and a great downtown location.
  • The hotel underwent a major renovation in 2018, leaving rooms and public spaces cool, stylish, and airy. Of particular note is the two-storey library lounge with an excellent collection of signed books.
  • I stayed in a King Suite after being upgraded to check-in to an entry-level Deluxe King room and found the hotel to be excellent value considering its style , its personalized service and its location.
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When I was invited to read my new book at the Portland Book Festival recently, I chose to stay at the Heathman Hotel in the heart of Portland’s cultural district. Built in 1927, the Heathman is a newly refurbished boutique hotel ideal for art lovers.

Restored in 1984 and updated again in 2018, the Heathman is a prime example of an older, unabashedly classic hotel that has been lightened up and brightened up to feel sleek and stylish, while still retaining its quintessential Portland spirit.

One of the last great hotels in the city, the Heathman has long been at the heart of the city’s cultural life (from the 1930s to the 1950s its mezzanine housed the Portland KOIN radio studios, the main stopover for any musician. passing through the city). Today the hotel feels fresh and offers genuinely personal service that isn’t stuffy or “grand,” but instead, perfect for this laid-back, fashionable city.

Entry-level rooms start out small but are offered at significantly lower prices than similarly located Portland hotels, making this a great deal. Standard room rates start at $ 128 in low season, but can rise to $ 322 during popular weekends in August and September.

Although I originally booked an entry-level Deluxe King Room for $ 146 a few weeks before my stay, I was upgraded to a King Suite (which usually starts at $ 269) at check-in and got appreciated the extra space.

Bookworms will especially love spending time in the hotel’s two-story library lounge which features an impressive collection of readings, many of which have been personally signed for the hotel.

Read on to see why I was so impressed with the Heathman Hotel in Portland.

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