NW Portland restaurants burgled and taken under surveillance

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Two restaurants in the Pearl District were broken into early Monday morning, but these are just a few of the casualties at the center of a campaign for more officers.

Suspect captured by Fields Bar and Grill surveillance camera on November 1. (Courtesy: Jim Rice)

Surveillance footage shot at 1 a.m. from inside Fields Bar and Grill shows a guy dragging the restaurant safe from the office, then trying to open the cash register.

“It was really frustrating to watch him walk our business,” said Jim Rice, the owner.

He said after what the restaurant has been through for the past year and a half, nothing shocks him anymore.

“We had to deal with riots, we had the pandemic, we had to deal with graffiti,” he said. “We had to deal with homelessness issues and now we are facing a very serious crime problem and the reality is the police don’t have the resources. “

Surveillance footage from Momoyama, a sushi restaurant just three blocks from Field’s, shows the thief taking the cash register about three hours after the bar and grill break-in.

The person walked away with the logbook full of money, about $ 600 worth of alcohol and five pills. He said running a restaurant during the pandemic was tough enough – he didn’t need to.

Portland Police have said they are prioritizing homicides and cannot devote the appropriate resources to these break-ins.

“It is extremely heartbreaking that we cannot do more for these victims with our current resources,” said Portland Police Sgt. “I know we talk about it a lot, but we have to be honest with our community about what we’re capable of doing. “

“We ultimately need new leaders in office to change this,” Rice said. “The bottom line is that the police don’t have enough resources. We must be able to reimburse them, they have the money to be able to do it and they must be able to make the investments in the regions, so that we can deal with our crime problems. “

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Sandy A. Greer