Portland before Portlandia: restaurants, bars and landmarks of Old Portland

Some other monuments of Old Portland to discover

The Kenton neighborhood is home to what was for a long time Portland’s most recognizable landmark: a 37-foot-tall concrete statue of Paul Bunyan. Originally erected in 1959 to celebrate the state of Oregon’s centennial, the giant lumberjack was a nod to Portland’s lumber industry. I’ll stay true with you: this statue is ridiculous and out of date as hell. But it’s the most perfect Portland thing Portland has ever done in Portland. Fifty years ago, it was a fitting, albeit kitsch, homage to the town’s forestry past. Today, if you replace the ax with a fixie, Portlandia Paul looks almost perfectly like just about any dude you’ll see rolling around the Goat Blocks.

If you’re looking for something a little more spicy, Portland still has more strip clubs per capita than any other major city in the country. Mary’s Club is the grande dame of Portland’s strip club industry and is undoubtedly an icon to visit. Yeah, Courtney Love danced there once, but trust me when Courtney Love danced there, Mary’s Club was not on any “Best of Portland” list.

If you really want to get a feel for what Rip City’s tail-shaking scene was like before anyone heard of a gluten-free lap dance, there’s no better place than the Acropolis. . Locals have wondered for years whether the Acrop is a strip club with amazing steak or an affordable steakhouse with nude dancers, but if you like either (or both) do it. travel to 99E and treat yourself to the wonders the Acropolis has to offer. offer.

On behalf of all the elusive Portlanders, we are so happy to welcome you to our city. And we really want you to get to know our city, or, I guess, more appropriately, our two cities. Take in all that Portlandia has to offer, but also don’t forget to give Old Portland some love while you’re here too.

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