Portland’s restaurants and food carts shut down for 2021 snowstorm

Whenever it snows in Portland, chaos ensues. Cars crash cabbage disappears, and expats on the East Coast and Midwest laugh at desperate West Coast residents terrified of frozen water. Restaurant and food cart owners are technically able to reopen for indoor dining on Friday, but some choose to shut down completely, concerned about potentially dangerous roads and grim food cart conditions – not to mention the delay. probable business. Below, find a list of restaurants, food carts, and bars that choose to wait until the winter storm is over, at least for a few days:

• Nacheaux: Closed early Thursday
• Skidbladnir: closed early Thursday
• Boba Milk: closed on Thursdays
Naughty: Closed early Thursday
• Ruthie’s: Closed Thursday, probably Friday
• Azul Tequila Taqueria, Milwaukie location: closed early Thursday, potentially Friday and Saturday

• Jojo: closing at 3 p.m. Thursday and Friday
• Kim Jong Grillin: closed Thursday and Friday
• Gypsy PDX: closed Thursday and Friday
• Smokin Fire Fish: closed Thursday and Friday
• OK Omens: closed Thursday and Friday
• Short tour: closed Thursday and Friday
• Kee’s Loaded Kitchen: closed from Thursday to Sunday
• Matt & Memere’s: closed from Thursday to weekend
• Wolf’s Head Smokehouse: closed early Thursday, Friday and Saturday
• Malka: closed on Friday
• Drink Mamey: Closed Fridays
• Nightingale: closed on Friday
• Duck House: closed on Friday
• Rangoon Bistro: closed on Friday
• Stevens Beaverton Burger: Closed Fridays (Prost is open)
• ThiccBoi: Closed on Friday
• Idem: Closed on Friday
• Sweet creatures: closed on Fridays
• GrindWitTryz: closed on Fridays
• Cliff’s: closed on Friday
• Gracie’s Apizza: closed on Fridays

• Gabagool: closed on Friday
• Quaitrelle: Closed on Friday
• Victoria: closed on Friday
• Lady: Closed on Friday
• Swift: Closed on Friday
• Acadie: Closed on Friday
• Points: Closed on Friday
• Angel Face: Closed on Friday
• L’Automatique: Closed on Friday (probably Saturday too)
• The Sweet Hereafter: Closed on Fridays
• Le Vieil Or: Closed on Friday
• The Hazel Room: Closed on Fridays, “until the weather allows us to reopen”
• The Farmer and the Beast: closed on weekends
• Urdaneta: Closed on Fridays, all weekend except for Valentine’s Day pre-orders
• Paley’s Place: closed Friday and Saturday
• Fire station: closed on weekends
• MF Tasty: closed on weekends
• Rose + Lincoln: closed from Friday to Sunday
• Thai Champa: Closed until Monday
• Bark City BBQ: closed from Friday to Sunday
• Café Rowan: closed from Friday to Sunday
• Kayo’s Ramen Bar: closed until Monday

This story will continue to be updated until Friday. Do you know a closed place for snow? Let us know via the tip line.

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Sandy A. Greer