The Denver Nuggets were at a Portland hotel as he was surrounded by a furious mob looking for Andy Ngo

The Denver Nuggets basketball team were staying at The Nines in downtown Portland on Friday night when left-wing activists surrounded the building in pursuit of a man they believed to be the perpetrator curator Andy Ngo, WW has learned.

Riot police arrived at the hotel shortly before midnight on May 28 and formed a perimeter at the intersection of Southwest Morrison Street and 6th Avenue for the next 30 minutes.

Sources familiar with the Nuggets’ travel arrangements say the NBA team stayed at The Nines during their two-game trip to Portland for the playoffs with the Trail Blazers. The Nuggets arrived in Portland on May 26 and left on May 29.

This means that the team was inside the hotel when the mob chased the man they believed to be Ngo to the hotel concierge desk, then pulled on the doors and confronted the Nines staff in a chaotic scene. Protesters had previously tackled and punched the man, who had fled to the hotel to seek safety.

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The man the crowd was looking for climbed in an elevator to the hotel as people knocked on windows outside. At 11:55 p.m., police secured the nearby intersection in order to make an arrest.

After police left the scene at 12:30 am, they used an audio truck to broadcast a warning to the crowd: “Anyone who is not a guest of The Nines cannot enter the hotel. Do not enter or damage the property of The Nines Hotel.… Get away from The Nines Hotel now.

Ngo, one of the nation’s foremost critics of the Portland anti-fascist movement and a prolific Twitter user – where he regularly posts passport photos and personal information of left-wing protesters – has remained silent during the 36 hours after the incident. He did not confirm that he was the man assaulted by the protesters, even on the Canadian news site he publishes, The Post Millennial.

Staff at The Nines declined to confirm the Nuggets’ stay, citing security protocols. The team spokesperson did not respond to a request for WW.

Local disruption is a reality of NBA travel. The Trail Blazers, for example, had to take refuge in an Atlanta parking lot this year when a tornado warning evacuated their hotel. But civil unrest outside the Nuggets’ homes the day before a 1 p.m. whistleblower is a new development.

The Blazers beat the Nuggets hands down in Saturday’s game, 115-95.

Suzette Smith contributed reporting for this story.

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