The Weymouth photographer has spent nearly 25 years taking pictures of Portland’s beach huts

A photographer has spent nearly a quarter of a century taking pictures of beach huts in Portland.

Douglas Fry, 56, has taken thousands of photographs of the huts, some of which date back to 1995 and were filmed before purchasing a digital camera.

The professional photographer lives in Oxford but visits his hometown of Weymouth as often as he can and almost always travels to Portland to take a few more photos to add to his collection.

Mr Fry said: “Beach huts are different in Portland than in, say, Weymouth. The nature of the huts themselves has to be sturdier to withstand rain and wind and because of that they have much more character as they have been altered as well, photographically they are much more enchanting.

“The huts are clustered together at the end of a headland and they’re all different sizes and shapes and colors. I really like that look, I think it’s really cool, and then you have that dark view of Portland. which is amazing.

“It’s because of their separation. A lot of the beach huts are side by side and are like terraced houses. They don’t have the same secluded vibe, like they say ‘don’t come talk to me’ which my wife looks like i get along pretty well.

“I love going back to the same hut and seeing how it goes, it’s like I have a personal relationship with her. I love how altered they are all like me.”

In Mr. Fry’s professional work, he encountered challenges in trying to find new ways to photograph the same thing over and over again, for example factories. He used the techniques he developed on the job to push himself and his creativity when capturing beach huts.

He said: “You have to try to think of a new way of photographing the same thing. You can use different lighting, different compositions and different processes and photograph them in a completely different way, so the challenge was to apply them. process of my corporate life at the beach cabins.

“The last time I was in Portland, in 2019, I went with a wide angle lens to see if that would change the way I looked at things and framed them in my head. It’s good to test you in a way. as creative as you can. ”

Earlier this year, one of Mr Fry’s photographs was featured in a BBC “mixed” image collection.

He said: “The BBC has a theme of pictures that they put out every week and they obviously get thousands of entries and they chose one so that’s pretty cool. It’s also nice to see that other people also like beach huts.

“It’s a beautiful project and it allows me to be creative. Weymouth is great for photos but there are no cabins. You have to go a little further to get to Portland. This is where the magic happens.

“As long as I can get a wheelchair from a Zimmer frame around Portland, I will continue to take pictures.”

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