15 Things to Know Before Going to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

Hampton Beach is one of the best summer spots in the Northeast, with shops, restaurants, and music venues everywhere. This is a place that is always buzzing from May to September.

However, there is one place on the beach that is iconic and open all year round.

This venue has seen Janis Joplin, Phish, Staind, Willie Nelson The Jerry Garcia Band, The Doors, Crosby, Stills & Nash, George Carlin, U2 and Led Zeppelin all perform in this hallowed hall. The stories are endless.

The Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom has been around since 1899 and has seen many transitions from a dance hall, to a speakeasy, to a big band hall, to a rock n’ roll hall, to today’s music hall.

The transitions and the story are fascinating and you can find the detailed story on casinoballroom.com. There used to be an attached restaurant and a hotel as part of a larger complex.

Today, the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom is still a mainstay in downtown Hampton Beach, just 45 minutes from Boston, 45 minutes from Portland and 30 minutes from Manchester.

What is the name ? It’s an often asked question, but when your name dates back to 1899 and you’ve seen all the biggest names in comedy, big band and rock playing in the room, how could anyone change their name authentic ?

So despite multiple owners over the years, they’ve all been smart enough to keep the name everyone has known for over 120 years.

According the websiteCasino Ballroom was named after the Italian word “casino” which means a “gathering place for music”.

If you’re going to see a show at HBCB, here’s what you need to know before you go.

Enjoy every minute of this historic location and look around to see photos of some of the famous artists who have graced this stage.

15 Things to Know Before Going to the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom

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