15 Delicious Vegan Mushroom Recipes to try this Weekend (2024)

This Vegan Mushroom Recipes is an ultimate compilation of recipes using Mushrooms that you can try this weekend right in your kitchen. And the bonus part is that its all VEGAN. Yeaahhh.. I am loving it!!!

Firstly.. Thank you so much guys for sticking around. I know I missed my schedule this week too. I didn't post on Tuesday neither on Thursday. Accept my apologies. But its freezing in Christchurch, New Zealand and everyone in my home is sick especially me. Yes I had a severe bacterial infection and was on complete bed rest.

But hey common if we don't fall sick how will the doctors make their living right.. :P.. I am doing ok now and since I didn't cook anything all through the week and since there was a long gap of my round up posts; I thought this is the perfect time for it. And here I am sharing 15 Delicious Vegan Mushroom Recipes that you must try this weekend.

Finding hard to include Mushrooms in your diet. Look no further; take a look at these 15 Vegan Mushroom Recipes and I am sure you will love each one of it. 😀

1. Kaju Mushroom Masala - South Indian style curry

Kaju Mushroom Masala is a delicious every day recipe that has been cooked to perfection using South Indian spice blends.

Recipe Link: SpicesNFlavors

2. Mushroom Crostini with Garlic Basil Vegan Ricotta Cheese Spread

The earthy flavor of mushrooms and fresh herbs combined with my Garlic Basil Ricotta “Cheese” Spread on small toasted slices of bread makes for the perfect bite. It’s great to serve as appetizers, bring to a dinner party, or even serve as a light lunch

Recipe Link : Vegetarian Gastronomy

3. Mushroom Fried Rice

Mushroom Fried Rice is a substitute to the Traditional fried Rice or Schezwan Rice.

Get the Recipe: Herbivore Cucina

4. Twisted Mushroom Reuben Sandwich

Pan fried spiced mushrooms, homemade red cabbage sauerkraut, Russian dressing and pickles combine in each wonderfully messy and textured bite.

Recipe Link: My Goodness Kitchen

5. The Easiest Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup

Low-carb. Gluten-free. Vegan.

Plus, it’s easy and requires no special equipment. That’s right. No food processor, blender, none of those fancy gadgets. All you need is just a stove and a pan.

Sounds so interesting? Check out the recipe here: The Lazy Broccoli

6. Tomato Mushroom Pasta

Tomato Mushroom Pasta is easy to make on a weeknight in under 30 minutes. And you only need to use one pot! Plus Tomato Mushroom Pasta is vegan and gluten free.

Get the recipe here: Veggies save the day

7. No Fry Pesto Stuffed Mushroom

These stuffed mushrooms are low in cholesterol and sodium and high in iron.

Get the recipe here: The belly rules the mind.

8. Mushroom Quinoa Spinach Lasagna

This Mushroom Quinoa Spinach Lasagna recipe comes together in 2 easy steps from just 6 ingredients. Flavorful, vegan, and gluten free.

Recipe Link: Contentedness Cooking

9. Savoury Steel Cut Oats with Mushroom and Thyme

These savory steel cut oats with mushrooms and thyme are creamy, delicious, filling, and comforting. They can be served as a main or side dish and are very easy to make.

Recipe Link: mariaushakova

10. Sauteed Mushroom with Fennel Seeds

Flavor packed sauteed mushrooms with onions, fennel seeds, and black pepper. Ready in minutes, seriously Delicious!

Recipe Link: Framed Recipes

11. Smashed Potatoes with Brown Butter Mushrooms and Cranberries

Crispy on the outside,creamy inside roasted potatoes topped with brown butter mushroom, some cool tomato chutney and a cranberry make for a beautiful and flavorful crowd pleasing vegan side.

Recipe Link: Lapetit Chef

12. Teriyaki Garlic Mushrooms

These tangy and savory Teriyaki Garlic Mushrooms are a super simple side dish or appetizer! Just 5 ingredients, and ready in less than 15 minutes.

Recipe Link: Mommy's Home Cooking

13. Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms

Vegan stuffed mushrooms are easy to make and packed with fresh herb-y, garlicky, citrus-y deliciousness. These little guys are great served as party finger food, a starter or a light main dish when paired with a fresh salad and crusty bread.

Recipe Link: Cilantro and Citronella

14. Steamed Dim Sum Buns

These buns are such a delight and yes freezes well too.

Recipe Link : Herbivore Cucina

15. Avacado Shiitake Spring Rolls

Fresh and Flavorful Avocado Shiitake Spring Rolls – for those light meals you crave as the weather warms up, with crispy crunchy creamy textures and bright flavor!

Recipe Link: Spabettie

To be honest with you all I was never a fan of Mushrooms; until I started cooking it myself. Its not a very common vegetable that is cooked back in India; but with the numerous health benefits it offers I insist you to try it at least once. And with this compilation of Vegan Mushroom Recipes, I hope that you will find something that your family will love.

And if you happen to try out any do tag me, tweet me or instagram me. I would love to follow you and your posts.

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15 Delicious Vegan Mushroom Recipes to try this Weekend (2024)
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