Find Every <i>Prey</i> Crafting Recipe With These Fabrication Plan Locations (2024)

Find Every <i>Prey</i> Crafting Recipe With These Fabrication Plan Locations (1)

Start crafting medkits, Neuromods, weapons and ammo with all the recipes hidden across Talos 1. Here, we’ll list where to find all the Fabrication Plans in Prey [2017].

Fabrication Plans are basically “recipes” you’ll need to begin crafting all the items you’ll need to survive on Talos 1. The station is infested with sludgy black alien beings, and all if you’re planning on ever running low on ammo, or needing extra medkits to keep you alive in a fight, you’re going to want to find these plans as soon as possible.

Many are surprisingly easy to overlook, even when they’re out in the open. A few are totally secret, or seem impossible to access early in the game. Whenever possible, we’ll also explain how to get plans without too many Neuromod enhancement unlocks.

[Work-in-Progress: We’re still looking for all the Fabrication Plans. Check back soon for new recipe locations. It’s a big station out there!]

Neuromod Division

Boltcaster Fabrication Plan: Found on a locked computer in the Research & Design office. Unlock the Hacking 1 ability with a Neuromod to unlock the terminal and download the Fabrication Plan.

Disruptor Fabrication Plan: In the Volunteer Quarters. Enter through the Level 2 door – use the code 8545 or 9758. Look in the office to the left of the entrance.

Neuromod Fabrication Plan: Located in the Fabrication area. Take the keycard from a corpse on the Level 1 floor of the Fabrication area to find this plan in Halden Graves’s office. Enter Fabrication through a Leverage 1 blocked door in the Volunteer Quarters. Access the Volunteer Quarters with the keycode taken from Bianca Goodwin’s emails in the Executive Offices area of Talos 1 Lobby.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan: At Volunteer Testing, look in Neuromod Installation and Extraction room medbay, on a crash cart.

Talos 1 Lobby

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan: Find the Fabrication Plan for Shotgun Shells in the Security Station office. They’re locked in the safe. To get inside the Security Station office, enter the second floor I.T. Security room — take the stairs up on the right, then use the ledge to reach the center balcony. Look on the desk to the left as you enter the I.T. Security room to get the Security Office Keycard. In the Security Office, check the book on the desk to get the safe code, then open the safe to collect the Fabrication Plan.

  • Alternate Entrance: Crawl up into the vent entrance outside the locked Security Station door to enter the office without the keycard.

GLOO Canister Fabrication Plan: Found in the safe in Morgan Yu’s office. The keycode is 0451.

Wrench Fabrication Plan: Also located in Morgan Yu’s office. Enter with the keycode 0451. The plan is on the desk near the Fabricator machine.

9mm Bullet Fabrication Plan: Found on the corpse in the Teleconferencing Center that was carrying the Silenced Pistol.

Medkit Fabrication Plan: On the large desk in the center of the room in the Trauma Center. The Trauma Center is located on the second floor of the Lobby, across from the Staff Lounge.

Hardware Labs

Medkit Fabrication Plan: On the gurney in the medbay, on the second floor of the atrium.

Boltcaster Ammunition Fabrication Plan: Download this from the Machine Shop computer, opposite the Fabricator.

Artax Propulsion System Fabrication Plan: This story-critical plan is located on the desk opposite the recycler in the back-right corner of the Machine Shop 2F.

Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan: This powerful plan allows you to craft Weapon Upgrade Kits. Find it in the caged chamber in the back-right corner of the Machine Shop. You’ll need Leverage 3 to lift the heavy barriers over the door.

Q-Beam Fabrication Plan: On the Phantom locked in the Blackbox Lab. Use Mimic to slip into the partially-open maintenance hatch. Another plan can be downloaded from the workstation in the locked lab.


Neuromod Fabrication Plan: The fabrication plan is in the Director’s Office safe. Alex Morgan will send you the code during the “Detour” quest.

Silenced Pistol Fabrication Plan: On the shelf in the Armory. To get inside the Armory, use Mimic or get the keycode from the prisoner in the Materials Extraction lab. He’ll give you the code when you free him.

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan: Also on the Armory shelf, right next to the Silenced Pistol plans.

Psi Hypo Fabrication Plan: The dead scientist outside of the containment unit in the Live Exam room is carrying these plans.

Anti Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan: On the desk in the back-left corner of the Morgue. There’s a broken turret deployed right next to the corner desk.


EMP Charge Fabrication Plan: Carried by the corpse of Eric Berger, located near the Psychotronics bulkhead in Engineering Level A.

Suit Repair Kit Fabrication Plan: This valuable kit can be looted off Laurel Davis’ body in the Magnetosphere Controls room.

GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plan: On the ground, near the nonfunctioning Fabricator in the lower area of the Fuel Storage room.


Disruptor Battery Fabrication Plan: The body of Jenny King is carrying a fabrication plan for disruptor ammo. Find her just outside the hallway leading to the Talos 1 Lobby bulkhead.

Psi Hypo Fabrication Kit: Found in a locker, in the Crew Quarters passage security station.

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan: Carried by Lizzy Colton, near the Crew Quarters bulkhead door.

Shotgun Fabrication Kit: Found next to Carin Buckley’s body, in the sealed Level 2 cage area. Break the glass to the left / right of the Lobby bulkhead and move the heavy object (Leverage 2) to enter the cage in the corner.

Neuromod Fabrication Plan: Available to download on Alex’s computer.

Crew Quarters

Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan: Located in Dr. Thorstein’s Quarters. Get the cabin key from the body of his Phantom after destroying it to gain access.

Medkit Fabrication Plan: In the locked Mail Room with Lia Macy’s body, behind the Concierge desk.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan: Move the heavy crates (Leverage 2) to enter the medbay.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan: The plan is on the bed in DeVries’s cabin.

Boltcaster Ammunition Fabrication Plan: Can be downloaded off Abigail Foy’s terminal.

Weapon Kit Fabrication Plan: Download this plan from Sarah Elazar’s computer. You’ll need Hack 2 to unlock it.

Psi Hypo Fabrication Plan: On the desk in Hans Kelstrup’s cabin.

Neuromod Fabrication Plan: On the desk, near a bonus chipset item in Morgan Yu’s cabin, in the Executive Suites.

Deep Storage

Q-Beam Cells Fabrication Plan: Deep Storage is available after completing the “Gathering Echoes” mission. Go to the Data Vaults (find the code written on a yellow note stuck to the computer in the previous room) and enter Sho’s office. Get the safe code (6918) from the back of a computer.

Flexiform Bolts Fabrication Plan: Available to download on Zachary West’s computer terminal.

EMP Charge Fabrication Plan: In the locker, inside the Security Booth outside the sealed Central Repository door.

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan: On the desk in the Security Booth.

Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plan: In the locked closet, on the second floor hall outside the Data Vaults. You’ll need Hack 4 to open the closet door and the safe.

Recycler Charge Fabrication Plan: Find the plan on the metal desk in the back of the Command Center.

Typhon Lure Fabrication Plan: Download it from the Files section of Danielle Sho’s computer.

Cargo Bay

Silenced Pistol Fabrication Plan: On the dead body of Ash Lasair, under the wrecked cargo lift in the Staging Area.

Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plan: A Stun Gun plan is also located in the red toolbox, in Cage 2.

EMP Charge Fabrication Plan: The dead body of Gerard Wildman, on the high metal shelves in the Fuel Storage Bay, is carrying this plan.

Shotgun Fabrication Plan: Inside container #8120 in Cargo Bay B. Use the workstation and input the container number to unlock it.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan: Located in container #9171, in Cargo Bay B.

Portable Turret Fabrication Plan: This rare plan is locked inside a safe, inside a destroyed office connected to the dock access into the Cargo Bay. Use Hack 3 or get the code from Sarah Elazar.

Life Support

Shotgun Shells Fabrication Plan: This plan is carried by the corpse of Alton Weber in the restroom down the hall from the Talos 1 Lobby bulkhead.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan: In the fallen shelf blocking the entrance into the Medbay area, on the second floor.

Suit Repair Fabrication Plan: In the Service Requests office, on the main floor of the Life Support area.

Nullwave Transmitter Fabrication Plan: Inside the shelves container, locked in the supply closet with the Neuromod drop.

Air Mixture Regulator Fabrication Plan: The fabrication plan for this quest-critical item is found on a dead body, on the white pipes high above the supply closet at the bottom of the Life Support grav lifts.

Silenced Pistol Fabrication Plans: In the safe, in the Security Booth near the Talos 1 Lobby bulkhead. Use the code found on a note, carried by a nearby dead body.

Power Plant

Q-Beam Fabrication Plan: On the landing opposite the flooded section of the monitoring station, near the dead body.

Typhon Lure Fabrication Plan: The dead employee (Duncan Krassikoff) is carrying this fabrication plan.

Q-Beam Cell Fabrication Plan: Talia Brooks – Found in the burning wreck to the left of the sealed Coolant Chamber keycard door.

Disruptor Battery Fabrication Plan: On the desk in the Reactor Operator office.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan: Inside the Medbay near the airlock.

GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plan: Found on the shelf near the reception window, in the Parts Storage room.

Wrench Fabrication Plan: On the back-right shelves of the Parts Storage room. Right next to a Neuromod.

Shuttle Bay

Wrench Fabrication Plan: Take the stairs down from the locked terminal in the center of the Engineering Pit to find a small seating area in the cage. To the right of the dead body, find this plan on the blue chair.

Suit Repair Kit Fabrication Plan: On the wooden table near the locked door entrance to the Pilot Planning Room.

GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plan: In the backroom from the Tooling Room in the Maintenance Facilities area. Use GLOO to stop the fire blocking the doorway and find this plan straight ahead.

Talos 1 Bridge

Silenced Pistol Ammo Fabrication Plan: On the body of Matt Cothron, on the railing, near the Arboretum bulkhead door.

Medkit Fabrication Plan: In the metal laboratory cabinet to the right as you enter the Briefing Room.

EMP Charge Fabrication Plan: In a briefcase, right next to Sadie Hall’s / Gordon Bitz’s bodies in the Escape Pod Bay.

More coming soon.

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Find Every <i>Prey</i> Crafting Recipe With These Fabrication Plan Locations (2024)
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