<i>Prey</i> Collectibles, Upgrades & Items Guide | Power Plant (2024)

<i>Prey</i> Collectibles, Upgrades & Items Guide | Power Plant (1)

Complete your visit to the Power Plant in Prey [2017] and fill your inventory with transcribes, weapon upgrade kits, neuromods and much more with this list of locations.

The Power Plant is the central location for the “Reboot” main story quest. The area is massive, but you won’t find too many items — everything is spread out, hidden in corners, or locked in storage closets. Get all the keycodes with the locations, and get tips for finishing up your exploration experience in the lowest area of the Talos 1 Station.

There aren’t many more locations left to explore in Prey — scroll down to the bottom to find the rest of our collectible guides for every other zone.

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates.]

Weapon Upgrade Kit: Inside the Security Station booth at the Power Plant bulkhead entrance.

Employee: Brenda Cabrera – Corpse in the hallway outside the Monitoring control room.

Employee + Transcribe: Lan Nguyen – The dead boy near the resistor panel, next to the sealed Engineering Offices door. Carries an audio log transcribe.

Neuromod x3: There are three neuromods floating just beyond the door to the Engineering Offices. Technically, these neuromods are located in the Talos 1 Exterior, accessible in the Power Plant breach.

Power Plant Monitoring

Email #1, #2: Two emails are on the workstation before crossing the electrically charged flooded control room.

Transcribe: One transcribe is on the desk near the first workstation.

Q-Beam Fabrication Plan: On the landing opposite the flooded section of the monitoring station, near the dead body.

Employee + Transcribe: Duncan Krassikoff – Corpse on the landing opposite the entrance to the Monitoring room. Carries a transcribe and a chipset.

Typhon Lure Fabrication Plan: The dead employee (Duncan Krassikoff) is also carrying this fabrication plan.

Neuromod x1: The last important item held by Duncan Krassikoff is a single neuromod.

Parts Storage Keycode: 1289 – Found on the transcribe carried by Duncan Krassikoff, the corpse on the opposite landing from the entrance into the Monitoring station.

Email #1, #2: There are two hard-to-reach emails in the sunken, flooded and electrified area on a locked terminal. Use Hack 2 to access the computer.

Coolant Chamber

Employee + Transcribe: Talia Brooks – Found in the burning wreck to the left of the sealed Coolant Chamber keycard door.

Coolant Chamber Keycard: Found on the corpse of Talia Brooks.

Q-Beam Cell Fabrication Plan: Also found on Talia Brooks’ body.

Neuromod x1: The last useful item On the body of Talia Brooks.

Employee: Matthew Connolly – Found on the right side of the room from the grav lift. Look near the locked Maintenance Access Only door.

Employee: Mikhaila Ilyushin – She’s still alive, and found sitting in the Reactor Operator office, opposite the airlock.

Disruptor Battery Fabrication Plan: On the desk in the Reactor Operator office.

Neuromod x3: Also located on the desk, near the battery fabrication plan.

Email #1, #2: Use Hack 1 to unlock the workstation in the Reactor Operator office.

Employee: Anthony Aquilante – Falls out of the Medbay after opening the automatic doors.

Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan: Inside the Medbay near the airlock.

Parts Storage

Weapon Upgrade Kit x2: Two weapon upgrade kits are in the back-left corner shelves of the Parts Storage room. Use the keycode from the corpse in the Power Plant Monitoring room.

GLOO Cannon Fabrication Plan: Found on the shelf near the reception window.

Wrench Fabrication Plan: On the back-right shelves of the Parts Storage room. Right next to a Neuromod.

Neuromod x1: On the back-right shelves, next to the Wrench Fabrication Plan.


Employee: Nicholas Stillwater – Corpse found in the ruined lift.

Reactor Access Keycard: Found on the dead body of Nicholas Stillwater, in the ruined lift on Level B4. Can also be found on Guy Croal, above the Reactor Access door.

Neuromod x1: The last useful item on Nicholas Stillwater is a single neuromod.

Employee: Guy Croal – On the catwalk above the Reactor Access doorway covered in Cystoid Nests.

Weapon Upgrade Kit: On a shelf in the secure storage room. Use Mimic or Hack 3 to gain access to the kit and four turrets.

Reactor Room Keycode: Given after completing the first steps of the reactor reboot sequence.

Transcribe: One transcribe is in the reactor itself, near the ruined divertor section.

More coming soon.

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<i>Prey</i> Collectibles, Upgrades & Items Guide | Power Plant (2024)
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