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Welcome to IGN’s Walkthrough for Prey. This guide will seek to see you through the confusing and terrifying world - and showcase how to defeat enemies, find collectibles, and everything else along the way.

Even with the reactor back online, things aren’t looking all that great, The entire room has been trashed and many walkways and stairwells have fallen apart.

Even worse, two Technopaths will float down and open the Security Cage if you haven’t already, converting operators and shielding themselves with two turrets each, which can turn into a nightmare if you didn’t come in earlier and break their toys. If you broke them all, the Technopaths will be unable to use them. If not, you’ll need to be clever and use EMP Charges or your Typhon powers to disable them while you focus on the Technopaths with Q-Beams and Nullwave attacks. For a quick way out of this mess, run left to the broken stairwell and repair the Grav Shaft to quickly fly all the way up to the top floor.

Back up in the offices, Mikhaila will warn you that the gas alarm went off in the nearby coolant chamber - meaning any spark or gunfire will set the whole place ablaze - so tread carefully.


Side Mission Update: Assist Mikhaila Ilyushin - It’s not too late to save Mikhaila, as the gate to the Talos 1 Exterior is right next to you. You should still have a lot of time left to save her if you leave now. Outside, avoid the Cystoid Nest and rocket upwards to see the marker on your map where the breach is. Be ready to fight quickly, as there is likely a Telepath lurking just outside the breach, and several Cystoid Nests in her office.

The booster shots are in one of the desks floating around - next to a Neuromod and the door (which will be unpowered unless you plugged in the Grounding Resistor earlier). If you did, you can quickly explore the office of Talia Brooks - more importantly, two more Neuromods are floating by the breach door. Once you return to save Mikhaila, she'll eventually make her way back to your office and meet up with Dr Igwe and January, and use your fabricator to get you some support.

Coolant Chamber

Back in the Coolant Chamber, a thick mist is everywhere - warning you not to use any fire or explosives. With two Phantoms stalking the room, that might make things difficult, so instead use psychic attacks or your wrench - and plug up the leaks with your GLOO Cannon. There are two on the right side of the room and one in the back left, and fixing all three will revert the room to normal.

Be wary when heading to the Grav Shafts at the back of the room, another Phantom is usually guarding them, and Mimics will come down the shaft to ambush you.

The rest of the path out of the Reactor is clear, so keep moving until you hit Life Support.

Life Support

Weavers have taken to building Coral while you’ve been gone, and there’s a Weaver at the end of the hall near the main Grav Shaft back up - use your turrets to fight back here without putting yourself at risk if you can.

Traveling up the shaft, prepare for more enemies as several Mimics are waiting for you, as is a Thermal Phantom. There may be more Phantoms lurking down the hall to Atmosphere Control, and it might be worth re-exploring now that you’ve found Jean Faure and her keycard.

Side Mission Update: Missing Engineer - With Jean’s Atmosphere Control Room Keycard in hand, clear out the newly infested Atmosphere Control area and head to her office at Air Filtration Control. Once inside, help yourself to the locker in the room that holds a Weapon Upgrade Kit, and Neuromod.

With everything taken care of in Life Support, there’s another area to explore that we couldn’t get to before - back in the Cargo Bay, so take a right and head down the hall.

Cargo Bay

Side Mission - Trouble Processing: Now that the path to G.U.T.S. has been unlocked, look for a Cargo Processing Terminal on the left that overlooks the microgravity tunnel to find an error in processing. If you check the utilities you can now activate Cargo Bay Processing - but are told you must also access the terminal on the G.U.T.S. side of this tunnel in the next 8 minutes. Head into the microgravity tunnel and look up above the door for a small hatch you can crawl in that leads to the door to G.U.T.S.

Once in G.U.T.S. quickly head down the corridor into the main shaft and deal with the two Corrupted Operators and Technopath, then look down for the body of Edward Douglas next to the other terminal you need to access. Hit the Activate GUTS Processing to successfully activate processing, then open the Cargo Door.

Note the Cargo Container 0715 above you (remember you can manually unlock them back in Cargo Bay B’s terminal - it container has several EMP and Recycler Charges and a Q-Beam Fabrication Plan) and then look into the newly opened Cargo Door to find even more cargo containers, including the opened container 9919 and 6294, as well as a level 2 locked and umarked container with medical supplies - that also has a supply crate floating outside that holds a Scope Chipset


Before moving on, be sure to check the corridor from the Cargo Bay and Mimic through the locked gate to access some safes full of items, then return to the large tunnel.

Fuel Storage

About halfway up the tunnel, look for a Cystoid Nest and clear out the pests, and look for a doorway they were guarding to enter the Fuel Storage area. Leaving microgravity, check the area on the left for a toolbox and a Weapon Upgrade Kit

Entering the Fuel Storage, watch out for a Thermal Phantom stalking the fuel tanks and the oil puddles left behind, as well as some Mimics scurrying about. The power is out here, and you’ll need to repair the junction next to the body of Brittany LaValley (who holds the Fuel Storage Keycard) and then restore emergency power on the terminal by the grav shaft. After bringing power back, you can also repair the Recycler and Fabricator, as well as check Brittany’s terminal for an email. There’s also a storage door you can unlock with her keycard that grants access to 3 Neuromods and some Nullwave Transmitters.

Side Mission Update - Treasure Hunt: If you look at Melindra’s treasure map, you’ll find that EL-B is a reference to the GUTS Engineering Level B - which the Fuel Storage area is located. Cross the broken bridge to the Shuttle Bay door (you can unlock it, but don’t worry about going there just yet) and look to the right of the door to find a large number 1. Inspect it to gain the last part of the code.

With our objectives here complete, it’s time to return to the Lobby to finish up more Side Missions, so exit GUTS through the Cargo Bay and back through Life Support to the Talos 1 Lobby.

Talos Lobby

Watch out for the imposter cook’s trap on the elevator and take it up to the main lobby level. Alex waits for us up in the Arboretum, but we’ve got some other loose ends to tie up first.

Side Mission Update - Mikhaila Ilyushin: If you’ve rescued both Dr. Igwe and Mikhaila, you’ll find them conversing in your room up in the Lobby. They’ll thank you with a Neuromod and a Weapon Upgrade Kit, plus a lot of fabricated items including GLOO ammo and food. Talking to Mikhaila will also clue you in as to her real reasons for being here - trying to find her father who may have been a test subject, starting the Mikhaila’s Father mission.

Side Mission Update - Danielle Sho: If you let the cook escape and talked to Danielle, she will have sent you an important email directly to your terminal in your office. Read it to find the true name of the imposter: Luka. As a volunteer, he can be tracked using a security station in the Neuromod Division.

If you grabbed the Secured Pharmaceuticals Keycard back in Hendrik DeVries’ Cabin in Crew Quarters, be sure to head to the Trauma Center and open the door to find the body of Beth Ino, as well as a Neuromod on the desk, a Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan on the shelves, and supplies scattered around

There’s more to do elsewhere before we return to the Arboretum, namely in the Hardware Labs, and back in Neuromod Division. We’ll start with Hardware Labs to see if we can end the Typhon Nightmare nuisance.


Hardware Labs

Heading back to the main Hardware Labs Atrium, you’ll find the power has gone out in the main room, and it’s filled with Mimics and a Thermal Phantom. Hopefully you still have some turrets to help clean them up. If you’re unlucky, the Typhon Nightmare is waiting for you in the Machine Shop - so be careful if you choose to restore power to the door. You can play hide and seek with it if you want, or just kill it to roam the Machine Shop in peace.

Take it down by sniping it with your weapons, use Psychoshock to shut it down from using projectiles, and back up with a line of turrets to confuse it.

Side Mission Update - Mixed Signals: Once in the Machine Shop, clear out the two Poltergeists skulking around, then look in the middle of the room for a satellite stored under the floor. Look for a broken Moon Door terminal and repair it to open the bay. As the machine lifts the satellite up, be sure to check the area it was in to find a Suit Chipset, then take the satellite device from the top of the object.

Head out through the airlock into the Talos Exterior, and look up to spy a Satellite floating high around the space station. Rocket up until you reach it, and connect the Psychotronics satellite attachment. Now, January will be able to use your TranScribe Audiologs to let you get the Typhon off your back, or bring them straight to you if you are in need of components.

Return back to the Hardware Labs airlock, and make your way back to the Lobby. This time, we’re crossing the lobby to head back to the Neuromod Division.

Neuromod Division

A lot has changed since you were here last, and new enemies have likely sprouted up to roam the halls. There may even be new bodies of crew members like Divya Naaz near the lobby entrance. Be sure to check near her body for a note about a map of the maintenance tunnel - it's important for an unfinished side quest.

You should also use the note's password to enter the Security Station across the atrium and unlock the level 2 passcode - this lets you download the area map, and finally unlock the Skill Recorder door that's taunted you since you first explored this area. There's an Etheric Phantom stalking the room, and nearby are the corpses of Helen Croft and Hadley Dalton along with two Typhon Lures. As for the nearby level 2 locked terminal of Junior Bookman, it only has one short email.

Break through the windows on the far end and you'll find two Mimics, and the corpse of Joshua Venstry under a nearby stairwell, who is holding a Neuromod. From here you can head up the stairs to Volunteer Testing, which normally would require you to gain access via the level 2 locked door on the upper floor of a Atrium (guarded by a Phantom).

Volunteer Testing

Down the hall, enter Testing Rooms A and B to find several Mimics hiding among the debris, and a Voltaic Phantom patrolling the back area. Clear them out, and look for the entrance to Neuromod Installation and Extraction. Inside is a surgical chair for neuromodding - complete with a terminal for debriefing patients who have lost their memory. This is an important room you may need to remember later, for now, check the desks by the medical room for two Neuromods. Don't forget to raid the nearby cabinets for supplies, and an Anti-Rad Pharma Fabrication Plan.


Volunteer Quarters

Back out on the second floor of the Atrium, look for the only other unlockable door (using Bianca Goodwin's passcode) leading to the darkened volunteer quarters. Have your flashlight at the ready, and hang a right through the rec room to the bathroom area. There are two mimics hiding here, and across the way you can spot a small panel leading to the power room. However, turning on the power electrifies the damp floor, so use your Gloo Cannon to create a safe path across to higher ground. You can also find two bodies here - John Haskins, and Volunteer V-041255-09.

Back out in the recreation room, a Poltergeist will appear - so be ready to track and shoot it down before it tosses junk at you. Look around for the body of Volunteer V-110655-16, and then head down the hall to raid the kitchen for food, and check the Habitation Pods - but watch for Mimics.

As you enter, look under the pillow of the upper pod marked V-041255-09 across from the door to find a note about a drop site right back outside. Use your boost jump in the hall outside - and sure enough you'll find stolen goods consisting of caviar, booze, and a Neuromod. The rest of the room has rows of lockers stuffed with items you can loot.

Side Mission Update - Danielle Sho: Head back to the entrance to the now powered security terminal. You can now access the crew list, and this terminal only lists Volunteers. Looking at the list, only two volunteers still lives - the man you rescued in Psychotronics (unless you killed him), and the imposter cook. Be sure to click his tracker and note that he’s hiding somewhere on the Talos 1 Bridge. We’ll catch up to him soon enough.

Behind the terminal, enter the powered door to the security room, and you'll find a Disruptor Stun Gun Fabrication Plan, as well as a Weapon Upgrade Kit on the main desk. There's also a note about a shakedown with several items confiscated - grab the Recycler Charges. If you read John Haskins's terminal you can find an email and a unlocking mechanism.


Since you can't bust through the locked door to Fabrication without a level 4 hacking skill, consider the map you found earlier when you entered a atrium. The note mentions going through Haskin's office through a panel and into Fabrication. Sure enough, behind the Haskin's terminal is an opening you can crawl through. This will lead you into the ruins of the Material Processing. Take out the Mimics inside, and be wary of the corrupted medical bot floating outside the barricaded door. Before leaving, note the two turret boxes in the room you ca hijack, as well as the body of Rich Ivers - dead in his chair - who carries a Weapon Upgrade Kit, and nearby on his desk is a Suit Chipset.

Before you jump down to the floor below - it's worth noting that the large lower level is patrolled by a Technopath holding two turrets to his will - so hold off on bringing your own out first, and chuck and EMP below to stun it and follow up with some heavy weapons. Once its dead, bring out your turrets to clean up the mess.

Side Mission Update - Copy Protection: Halden Graves has his office across from the one you were holed up in, but the door is locked by keycard. As always, there's a few options here: You can break the window on the balcony and fire a foam dart to unlock the door or Mimic yourself through the gap.

There was also an email in the security station about someone with the key going to find him. That would be Frederick Steele - who unfortunatly met his end just below the office on the first floor where the Technopath is. However you get inside, enter to find a Greater Mimic waiting for you. Once it's dead, head to Graves' terminal and look for the option to renew the license for making Neuromods. Now you'll be able to fabricate as many as you need to get the upgrades you want!

Before you leave, be sure to check the backroom for the body of Halden Graves, some creepy notes on the whiteboard, and a Neuromod Fabrication Plan as well as a Transcribe: Neuromod Secret Ingredient.

Back down on the main floor, inspect the broken floor where Frederick Steele died, and you can spot a Neuromod that fell below the grates. You can mimic it to slip through the gap (and watch out for a Greater Mimic), or enter the nearby Storage room to look for a partially moved grate you can lift or recycle out of the way (there's Recycler Charges above and below to help you out).

In the Storage room itself, repair the main Recycler to conserve your inventory, and look further up in the room for a closet full of Exotic Material - perfect for making more Neuromods.


The only other thing of note is Tina Snow's body out in the hall - otherwise we're done in Neuromod Division. Stock up on Neuromods and head back to the Lobby and upwards to the Arboretum where Alex is waiting.


Hopefully you set up turrets by the entrances before you left last time, because like other areas, the Arboretum is repopulated with more enemies, including Mimics, a Voltaic Phantom, and a Weaver. Use the various turrets in this area to your advantage to lay down cover fire while you clear the rest out.

Alex will radio you and give you the password to his Grav Shafts, giving you an easier way up to his office, just be sure you clear a path first.

Side Mission - Gustav Leitner: If Dr. Igwe is safe in your office, he'll also radio you asking if you plan to stop by Crew Quarters. If you do, he has the famous pianists brain scannings in his quarters, and pleads with you to get them using a special password.

Entering Alex’s office, you may be disappointed to find he’s not here. However, he will contact you saying that he merely wants to show you the truth - and it’s located on his computer. If you didn’t hack his computer yet he will give you the password, which should hold the last remaining unread emails on Talos 1. Be sure to access the file for the Neuromod Fabrication Plan if you need it, and then play the utility file Morgan_R0032.lgv.

In the video, you’ll find another message from yourself - only this version of you is much more committed to utilizing the Typhon’s powers, and against blowing the place up - instead working towards a device that could nullify the Typhon’s powers if they broke containment. Alex believes this was your true personality, before it began to shift due to Neuromods, and implores you to finish what you started and complete the nullwave project by scanning the Coral. He’ll offer a new Scope Chipset to scan them with on the desk nearby, as well as two more Neuromods. If you should accidentally get rid of it, you can break the Looking Glass to find a safe on the other side with the Coral Detector Fabrication Plan on top of the safe.

January will later contact you - not sure what to make of the video, but suggests you go through with the plan anyway if it gets you the Arming Key - then you can decide what kind of Morgan Yu you want to be. Speaking of which, Alex’s terminal has access to the escape pod bridge control if you’d rather cut things short and you’ve gotten the escape pod key from Alex’s Suite… or you just want to grab the Neuromod near the pod.

Your next task will involve scanning the Coral from the exterior of the Talos 1, but before you do, remember you have a few objectives waiting for you in the Crew Quarters not far from Alex’s office.

Crew Quarters

Side Mission Update - Gustav Leitner: Making your way through the Crew Quarters and defeating the Phantoms that have reappeared, head down Crew Quarters A hall to Dago Igwe’s Cabin. Inside, look for the poster of the Gustav concert, and play the audio file from your TranScribe. This will open a secret compartment with a hidden safe that holds the Connectome, as well as a Scope Chipset and Neuromod. Next time your back in the Lobby, be sure to give it to Dr. Igwe.

Side Mission Update - Treasure Hunt: While you’re here, you should have found all four treasure map clues from the tabletop gaming group. Melindra’s map (from Danielle Sho) led to a number 1, Hordinbaffle’s map (from Zachary West) led to a number 3, Rosayln’s map (from Emma Beatty) revealed a number 5, and Stabfellow’s map (from Elias Black) revealed a number 6.

Head back to Abigail Foy’s quarters in the Crew Cabins B hall and access her terminal’s utility for the Hidden Treasure input code. Be sure you have actively found each clue and it is listed on your objectives! If you do, entering the code in the right sequence will grant you access to the Adventurer’s Toolkit Fabrication Plan, which crafts a unique Suit Chipset with multiple bonuses!

However, if you do not have all the numbers logged in your objectives - you will be caught cheating and get a Suit Chipset that only detriments your abilities.


Talos 1 Exterior

As you exit into microgravity, clear out the Cystoids, and look down towards the Shuttle Bay and other airlocks below. In between them, you can find the large Coral nodes along the middle of the space station - just look for the mass of gold trails around several different hatches on all sides near the shuttle bay airlock. The outer hatches are patrolled by a Technopath with some corrupted operators on the top, and a Weaver along the bottom. Even more Weavers wait inside, and will hit you with fear while creating cystoids.

Utilize long range attacks and typhon powers of your own to beat them back, and note that there’s a corpse floating in a hatch nearby. Mariana Arias carries a Q-Beam and a Wrench, as well as a TranScribe Recording: It’s Just in My Head. Check back in the inner corridors for a large red patch of pulsating coral and scan it with your Psychoscope. There’s one more patch in a small corridor around the corner guarded by Cystoids - and once you gain both you’ll see another very odd vision… something isn’t right.

Alex will ask that you head back to his office to upload the data you got from the Coral, and you better do it soon. If you want, look near the Shuttle Bay Airlock for the corpse of Mike Devlin, and then head back to the Arboretum. When you return, be sure you resupply on ammo used up fighting in space, and while you’re at it, stock up on EMP Grenades, and consider investing in electric weapons like the Disruptor Stun Gun or the Electrostatic Burst typhon ability. When you’re ready for the next big task, go and upload the data on Alex’s terminal.

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