Meet Dior Goodjohn: 4 Things to Know About Percy Jackson's Clarisse Actress (2024)

Here are four things to know about Percy Jackson and the Olympians' Dior Goodjohn as she makes her Disney+ debut as the godly franchise's Clarisse.

Goodjohn joins a stacked cast as author Rick Riordan's iconic young adult book series comes to life again, this time for Disney's streaming platform.

The actress plays Clarisse La Rue, an angsty teen demigod (the daughter of Ares), who antagonizes protagonist Percy Jackson in his brief time at Camp Halfblood.

4 Facts About Percy Jackson Star Dior Goodjohn

Meet Dior Goodjohn: 4 Things to Know About Percy Jackson's Clarisse Actress (1)

Dior Goodjohn Made Her Acting Debut on Glee

Dior Goodjohn enters Percy Jackson after years of acting, starting in 2013 in Season 4 of Glee. At seven years old (born August 13, 2006), Goodjohn made her major acting debut on the hit Fox comedy, playing a younger version of Naya Rivera's Santana Lopez.

The episode (titled "Lights Out") followed McKinley High's Glee club take on acoustic numbers to 'unplug' a bit while those that had graduated continued to grapple with the ups and downs of living in New York.

One of those McKinley alums living in the Big Apple was Santana, who sat down for a dream-like conversation with her younger self (Goodjohn) about being able to dream openly.

Scarlett Johansson Inspired Dior’s Acting Style

When it comes to inspiration for Dior Goodjohn's on-screen work, the Santa Monica, California native has made it clear Scarlett Johansson stands as her preeminent influence.

Goodjogn told Pop Culturalist in 2021 that Johansson (along with Viola Davis) had "a major impact on my career in terms of [her] acting style:"

"I would definitely say Viola Davis and Scarlett Johansson have had a major impact on my career in terms of my acting style."

She expanded on that in a conversation with Young Entertainment from the same year, remarking that Johansson helped her change her "mindset about acting:"

"One thing is that, my mindset about acting has changed. Obviously I enjoyed acting from the get or else I wouldn’t be here but I allowed it to get toxic at a certain point. I would worry and stress over the stupidest things like what shirt I was wearing doing the audition and if the way I did my hair would affect me getting a call back or not."

Emulating her acting heroes, she realized she could stop "caring about impressing people or being the most competitive/sought out person" and start "acting for [herself]:"

"I stopped caring about impressing people or being the most competitive/sought out person in the waiting room and I started acting for myself. As long as I’ve put my best foot forward and was happy with my own work, I’ll be good. And as soon as I stopped worrying about the material things and let the universe guide my success, that’s when the opportunities started to become clear in front of me."

Dior’s Are You Afraid of the Dark Costars Blamed Her for Spooky Experiences

Before giving Walker Scobell quite the fright in the Percy Jackson series, Dior Goodjohn was busy freaking out her costars on other projects.

Goodjohn previously appeared on Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark, where several members of the cast blamed her for spooky and unusual happenings.

In an interview with journalist Bonnie Laufer, the five-foot-five actress revealed she is "very spiritual" and known to do things like tarot card readings. So, when they were filming the Nickelodeon show in the Dominican Republic and some unexplained "creepy stuff" started to take place, her costar Chance Hurstfeild blamed it on her:

"I know Chance is going to have something to say about this one. So, I'm very spiritual in my own right, and I do alot of tarot readings and things things like that. And when we first got to the Dominican, I was talking about how some creepy stuff was going on in my hotel, and [Chance] was like, 'This is all because of you. There's creepy stuff going on in my hotel room to now.'So, I guess you could say that I'm not afraid of the dark because I caused, it according to Chance."

Hurstfield responded to these comments, confirming "everyone was experiencing weird things in the hotel [during production]" and "[they] all blame it on Dior:"

"I'm not totally superstitious, but I am going to say that everyone was experiencing weird things in the hotel as soon as we got to the Dominican, and we all blame it on Dior. Because there are just things that would happen that I could not explain. Like my ceiling would start leaking and it is not like there was anyone above us. We were on the top floor of the hotel. My doors that would open inwards, would open outwards instead. I'm sure there is a logical explanation for all of it, but it is more to just put it on Dior."

Dior Wants To Play an X-Men Member

While Goodjohn will likely be busy with Percy Jackson for years to come, there is a chance she could eventually make her way into the world of big-screen superheroes.

The actress made it known to Young Entertainment that she would love to play one of the X-Men if given the opportunity, saying she "relate[s] to Storm in the way that she carries herself to where she doesn’t have to do a lot for people to respect her" (via Younger Entertainment):

"Definitely either Black Widow, Rogue, or Storm. I think I could relate to Storm in the way that she carries herself to where she doesn’t have to do a lot for people to respect her or understand when she means business. She’s kind, strong, and playful but can x you out in the drop of a hat and somehow make it look regal."

She also called out Rogue and Black Widow as two other characters from the red brand she would be interested in taking on if given the opportunity:

"Rogue would be cool to play considering she’s one of the very few female Marvel characters that gets to step into the role of both hero and villain. Her duality as well as her adaptability is what intrigues me the most. And I think it’s safe to say anybody would jump on the chance to embody Black Widow if they could. She was the first female superhero I watched on screen so it just holds a special space in my heart. She’s always cool and collected no matter what bind she’s gotten into, and I think it’s pretty dope she’s able to use that dark feminine energy to her advantage."

Where Can Fans Follow Dior Goodjohn?

Fans can follow Dior Goodjohn online at @dior.n.goodjohn on both Instagram and TikTok.

The first two episodes of Percy Jackson and the Olympians are streaming now on Disney+.

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Dior Goodjohn's introduction into the world of acting began with her major debut on the hit Fox comedy, Glee, in 2013. Her portrayal of a younger version of Naya Rivera's Santana Lopez showcased her talent and marked the beginning of her promising career. Goodjohn's journey as an actress has been shaped by her influences, particularly Scarlett Johansson and Viola Davis, both of whom have had a significant impact on her acting style. Her insightful reflections on how these seasoned actors have influenced her approach to acting provide a window into her artistic development and dedication to her craft.

Furthermore, Goodjohn's involvement in Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark revealed a fascinating facet of her personality, as she shared her spiritual inclinations and experiences with tarot card readings. Her co-stars' playful attributions of spooky occurrences to her spiritual practices added an intriguing layer to her persona, showcasing her multifaceted nature beyond her on-screen roles.

Additionally, Goodjohn's aspirations to venture into the world of big-screen superheroes, particularly her expressed interest in playing characters from the X-Men franchise, reflect her enthusiasm for diverse and compelling roles. Her admiration for characters such as Storm, Rogue, and Black Widow speaks to her passion for embodying strong, multifaceted female characters, adding depth and complexity to her acting repertoire.

In conclusion, Dior Goodjohn's journey as an actress is characterized by a diverse range of experiences, from her early acting debut to her current role in the Percy Jackson series. Her inspirations, spiritual inclinations, and aspirations for future roles all contribute to a multifaceted and dynamic understanding of her as a talented and driven actress. Fans can continue to follow her journey and engage with her on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, where she shares glimpses of her life and career.

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Meet Dior Goodjohn: 4 Things to Know About Percy Jackson's Clarisse Actress (2024)
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