“Preachers of LA” Returns with “Wedding Edition” Highlighting the Nuptials of Mr. & Mrs. Noel Jones! (2024)

The Preachers and First Ladies are back! The long-awaited wedding event of Bishop Noel Jones and Loretta Jones is finally happening and your favorite high-profile Pastors and First Ladies are together again to celebrate–but will they be able lay those long-standing arguments to rest, or resurrect the drama after all these years? Get ready for a wedding like no other as Merge!TV on the In the Black Network proudly presents “Preachers of LA: Wedding Edition” premiering tonight!

“Preachers of LA: Wedding Edition” highlight the lives of Los Angeles’ most influential and dynamic preachers and First Ladies including Pastor Deitrick Haddon and First Lady Dominique Haddon, Pastor Wayne Chaney, Myesha Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson and First Lady LaVette Gibson, and Bishop Clarence McClendon. As always this series will offer sound advice on the “do’s and don’ts” of preparing to walk down the aisle. Then, true to form as for many weddings in the world, new ties stirs up old dramas, and all of their relationships are tested. This is truly “must-see” tv!

“We are thrilled to bring viewers a new and exciting spin-off of the hit series ‘Preachers of LA’,” said Merge! TV Founder and CEO, Dr. Holly Carter. “Everywhere we go, fans have been asking us when we were bringing back the show, and I’m excited to be doing it on Merge! TV!”

For more information, please visit Merge! TV on the In the Black Network website or follow us on social media @mergetvnetwork and @intheblacknetwork.


Bishop Noel Jones is married to First Lady Loretta Jones. He is the senior pastor of the City of Refuge Church in Gardena, California, which has about 17,000 members, and was formerly the Greater Bethany Community Church. Jones received the call to ministry at the age of 19. He attended St. JagoHigh School and went on to attain a Bachelor of Science in Theology degree from Aenon Bible College.He would later receive an honorary doctoral degree from the International Circle of Faith College.Bishop Noel also appeared on the hit Oxygen series, “Preachers of L.A.”


First Lady Loretta Jones is married to Bishop Noel Jones. She’s a culinary virtuoso and nutritionist who honed her skills at the prestigious Art Institute of Culinary Education (AIC). Loretta is the owner and chef of JJ’s Bistro, a restaurant and also is the owner of Loretta’s Kouture, a fashion and styling boutique, both located in Los Angeles, California. She also dedicates her time and expertise to the City of Refuge Church, extending invaluable resources to her church family and the wider community. A trailblazer in her field, Chef Loretta Jones forged groundbreaking partnerships with physicians and healthcare organizations, fostering a sense of community and organizing transformative healthcare events within the City of Refuge family. Loretta also appeared on the hit Oxygen series, “Preachers of L.A.”.


Pastor Deitrick Haddon is married to First Lady Dominique Haddon. He’s a Gospel star, actor, movie producer and the Pastor of Hill City Church based in Los Angeles. Haddon’s work has been recognized by several awards including two NAACP Image Awards, one Stellar Award, and one Soul Train MusicAward. He is also a two-time Grammy nominated artist for Best Gospel Album. He has sold over 1million records worldwide. In 2018 he was honored with the BMI Trailblazer Award for his contributions to gospel music. Sometimes a controversial figure in ministry, Deitrick is a renowned figure in theChristian community with his modern ministries. Deitrick also appeared on the hit Oxygen series,”Preachers of L.A.”


First Lady Dominique Haddon is married to Pastor Deitrick Haddon. This mother of three has earned a bachelor’s degree in liberal studies with her main focus being natural sciences. She and her husbandwork in ministry with Hill City Church LA. She shares her outspoken thoughts on church, public figures, encourages others in their faith, and shares photos of her family on her Instagram page, which has gained 120,000 followers. Dominique also appeared on the hit Oxygen series, “Preachers of L.A.”.


Bishop Ron Gibson is married to First Lady LaVette Gibson and have been married for over 40 years.He is the founding Pastor of Life Church Of God In Christ in Riverside, California. At an early age, Ronlead a tumultuous life in the streets of L.A. before committing himself to the church at the age of 25.Since then he has risen through the ranks of ministry to lead his church for over 24 years preaching tothousands of members every week. Bishop Ron also appeared on the hit Oxygen series, “Preachers ofL.A.”.


First Lady LaVette Gibson is married to Bishop Ron Gibson. LaVette attended Spelman and majoredPolitical Science with an emphasis in pre-law with a career goal was to become a criminal lawyer, but switched majors to attend Vanguard University where she graduated with a degree in Religion/BiblicalStudies. Along with her evangelical work, she ministers particularly at Women’s Retreats and Seminars and continues assist her husband at the Life Church Of God In Christ in Riverside, California. LaVette also appeared on the hit Oxygen series, “Preachers of L.A.”


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“Preachers of LA” Returns with “Wedding Edition” Highlighting the Nuptials of Mr. & Mrs. Noel Jones! (2024)
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