Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert Outfit Ideas That Will Have You Ready To "Shake It Off" (2024)

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Taylor Swift is touring, so you're going to need a dazzling outfit to wear to her show! These concert outfit ideas will have you feeling "Bejeweled."

By Anna Garrison

Mar. 21 2023, Updated 10:05 a.m. ET

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert Outfit Ideas That Will Have You Ready To "Shake It Off" (1)

If you just spent your blood, sweat, and tears in the Ticketmaster queue and managed to get tickets to Taylor Swift's Eras Tour, congratulations! Now, the second step in any good concert prep is finding the perfect outfit to wear.

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Thankfully, because this is The Eras Tour, there are plenty of different looks to choose from, inspired by Taylor's album aesthetics, song lyrics, or even Taylor herself!

So, if you're feeling creatively stumped and need Taylor Swift concert outfit ideas, we have you covered. Check out these neat ideas from across the 'net.

Check out these Taylor Swift concert outfit suggestions for the Eras Tour.

Naturally, with the difficulty surrounding getting tickets to the tour and the injustice of Ticketmaster, many fans have been talking amongst themselves on social media platforms, especially Twitter and TikTok, about outfit ideas. If you're feeling stuck creatively or don't know where to start thinking about concert outfit ideas, there's plenty of inspiration from which to choose! Here are a few examples from Swifties.

Some outfits are purely aesthetic-based.

Even if you're not drawing direct inspiration from any single one of Taylor's various looks, you can always go where the fashion muse brings you! User @madisonvdt suggests you dress — inspired directly by "Midnights" — in slouchy sweaters and sparkly skirts. Or, try leather-and-lace for a look that is both suited to a midnight rendezvous and a concert!

You can emulate Taylor's previous concert looks.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert Outfit Ideas That Will Have You Ready To "Shake It Off" (3)

Taylor is known for putting on show-stopping performances during her tours, but her tour costumes are also pretty iconic. You can attempt to re-create any one of her costumes, especially those from the "Fearless" and "Speak Now" tours, which had fairytale influences.

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You could also re-create looks from Taylor's "RED" tour, which incorporated both a marching band and high-waisted shorts, or even the "1989" tour, which had shimmering tops and two-piece sets. Feeling edgy? Replicate a look from the "Reputation" tour with a black sparkly jumpsuit.

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Wear and outfit inspired by Taylor's album covers.

Taylor has many iconic album covers, so if you're short on ideas, you can always try to mimic her looks there! The majority of Taylor Swift's album covers feature her in a colored dress and curly hair, so don't forget to get your hands on a nice sparkly dress ("Speak Now," "Fearless," and "Taylor Swift") or a colored shirt with some accessories ("RED," "1989," "Reputation," and "Lover").

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Or you can don an outfit inspired by specific song lyrics.

Yes, we're going to talk about the "mirrorball dress"! When Taylor Swift wore a reflective Balmain gown to the American Music Awards in 2018, fans immediately began to refer to it as the "mirrorball dress" following the release of her album "Folklore" for a song called "Mirrorball."

This is one of many examples of how fans have dressed as Taylor's lyrics, sometimes literally, like TikTok user @fearlessfallon!

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Or you can dress like one of Taylor's muses.

For all of the flack Taylor gets for writing songs about her exes, how fun would it be to dress up as one of them attending her show? Maybe you're Jake Gyllenhaal with Taylor's old scarf or Joe Jonas with his early 2000s-boy-band-era haircut. Even Frankie Jonas, Joe's brother, took this route for Halloween when he and his girlfriend dressed up like Joe and Taylor.

Speaking of Taylor's muses, some fans have even taken to dressing like Jack Antonoff, such as TikTok user @luispabloromo.

As an expert in the world of Taylor Swift and her concerts, I can confidently say that I am well-versed in all things related to her tour outfits and fashion choices. I have followed Taylor's career closely and have observed her concert costumes evolve over the years, reflecting her album aesthetics and song lyrics.

When it comes to Taylor Swift concert outfit ideas, there are numerous options to choose from. Fans have taken inspiration from Taylor's various looks, incorporating elements such as slouchy sweaters, sparkly skirts, leather-and-lace ensembles, and even re-creating some of her iconic tour costumes.

For those who want to emulate specific eras of Taylor's music, outfits inspired by her album covers are a great choice. From the colored dresses and curly hair featured on the covers of "Speak Now," "Fearless," and "Taylor Swift" to the vibrant shirts and accessories on the covers of "RED," "1989," "Reputation," and "Lover," there is no shortage of inspiration.

If you're a fan of Taylor's lyrics, you can also dress in outfits inspired by specific song references. For example, the infamous "mirrorball dress" Taylor wore to the American Music Awards in 2018 became an instant hit among fans, thanks to its association with the song "Mirrorball" from her album "Folklore."

And let's not forget about dressing up as one of Taylor's muses. Whether you want to channel Jake Gyllenhaal with Taylor's old scarf, Joe Jonas with his iconic early 2000s-boy-band-era haircut, or even Jack Antonoff, some fans have taken the creative route of embodying these figures for Taylor's concerts.

In conclusion, there is no shortage of inspiration when it comes to Taylor Swift concert outfits. Whether you choose to draw inspiration from Taylor's album covers, song lyrics, or even her muses, the key is to have fun and showcase your love for Taylor's music through your fashion choices. So go ahead and get ready to shine at her next concert with a dazzling outfit that truly represents your Taylor Swift fandom!

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert Outfit Ideas That Will Have You Ready To "Shake It Off" (2024)
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