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Beaverton is home to many things. Nike’s global headquarters, a thriving arts scene, a handful of nature parks perfect for hiking and, most importantly, an array of incredible food. We’ve already pointed you in the direction of the best food carts, but this list is for brick-and-mortar restaurants only. From a no-frills Korean favorite to an understated Chinese staple, here’s a list of the best restaurants Beaverton has to offer.

East Harbor

Technically in Aloha, this off-the-radar gem on TV Highway is what dim sum dreams are made of. Pork shumai and steamed ha gao prawns are safe choices, as well as steamed sticky rice wrapped in a lotus leaf. If you’re going the noodle route, go for the ultra-tender Mongolian beef or the juicy simultaneously (sort of!) and crispy duck. Finish with sweet BBQ pork puff pastry, custard pies or, if you can, both. 18855 SW Tualatin Valley Highway, Aloha—DB

Geraldi’s Italian Submarines

With savory meatballs smothered in mozzarella cheese, generously seasoned Italian sausages, and juicy Chicago beef (don’t forget the giardiniera) co-signed by Windy City natives, Geraldi’s could really stop at hot sandwiches if it’s time. wanted it. But the family-run spot that’s been around since 1983 and sits on the Beaverton-Portland border also serves up huge deli sandwiches, classic red sauce pasta and old-school puffy-crust pizzas. 10000 SW Canyon Rd, Portland —DB


Tucked away in an unassuming strip mall, this Peruvian restaurant serves up bold South American flavors just steps from downtown Beaverton. Bright and fresh starters like the ceviche mix mixing red snapper, shrimp and squid with sweet potato, large Peruvian corn kernels, spices and onion are best enjoyed on the small terrace if it’s not raining not. The lomo saltado – strips of rib eye with tomatoes, fries and rice – is hot but not hot enough to be officially declared spicy. However, the aji de gallina – a shredded chicken dish drowned in a creamy sauce – has a kick, with all the signs pointing to Peruvian yellow peppers. Whatever you get, an Inca Kola (Peruvian soda) is the perfect match. 12090 SW Allen Blvd — DB

Nak won

One step inside the smoky and quaint Korean restaurant and your senses immediately advance, your gaze resting on each table as the aromas of sizzling meat and bubbling stews make your stomach growl. Start with the super crispy seafood crepe, but skip the grilled galbi in the kitchen, which lacks char, and make it yourself instead. Large portions of dishes like the spicy pork and potato soup, served with pleasantly bitter greens, are enough for a small family to share, so try not to fill up on the refreshing and easily devourable kimchi salad. and potatoes. 4600 SW Watson Ave, 503-646-9382 —DB

Siam Lotus Asian Food and Bar

Beaverton has no shortage of Thai options, but it’s easy to see why people flock to Siam Lotus, which features bamboo decor and a lively bar. Equally lively are dishes like crispy chicken with sweet and tangy honey, velvety red curry and holy basil fried rice which, if you turn up the heat level enough, will leave your lips tingling. 12600 SW Crescent St #150 —DB

Tân Tân Coffee & Charcuterie

Natural light illuminates this Vietnamese staple that’s so off the beaten path you could easily miss it from the road. But IYKYK, because Tân Tân – which translates to “new start” – has been serving Beaverton for decades. Fresh spring rolls and fish sauce wings are perfect for appetizers or for sharing. Banh mi sandwiches, like the Tân Tân special with fried pork and head cheese, rely on soft but solid French bread. Satisfy your sweet tooth with che chuoi – a delicious Vietnamese banana pudding filled with tapioca pearls – from the takeout cooler. 12675 Broadway St. SW—DB

Tom’s creperie

Whether you’re packing your bags on a busy weekend morning or sitting at the counter on a quiet weekday, you can count on Tom’s Pancake House to whip up classic, regular breakfast items. Along with the wide selection of pancakes, including buckwheat, potato and Swedish, the 56-year-old establishment offers massive fluffy omelets, fruity pancakes and a handful of egg combos. 12925 SW Canyon Rd —DB

Apna Cat Bhavan

Some of Beaverton’s best Indian fare can be found at this deli-restaurant hybrid, and while the vibe leans towards the cafeteria, the food more than makes up for it. Order the huge, weekend-only goat biryani, loaded with tender bone-in meat and a sly heat easily tamed by the accompanying yogurt sauce. Break up pieces of crispy and tangy masala dosas stuffed with tender potatoes and dip them in green and red chutneys. True spice-seekers can opt for the breaded and fried chili chicken drizzled with oil, and there’s a cauliflower version for herbivores. 1815 NW 169th Pl #6020 —KCH

1st Pocha Street

Although no one can fill the Dukuhbee-shaped hole in our hearts after the artisan noodle restaurant closed during the pandemic, this restaurant specializing in Korean bar snacks is a welcome newcomer. Must-try orders include the super trendy Korean hot dogs on a stick – with impressive mozzarella cheeses – as well as the seaweed rolls wrapping vermicelli noodles in fried nori. And while it’s hard to top the delights of the chewy, sweet-spicy ddukbokki, the pink version here ups the ante with cream, bacon and hot dog slices. An order of medium-garlic medium-spicy fried chicken wings is a must, along with a bottle of soju or Korean beer to go with them. 12590 SW First St Suite B, 503-567-1322 —KCH

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