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While the 4th of July is a big day in the United States, it ended up being just as exciting in Scandinavia and other Nordic countries, with the announcement of the 2022 Michelin stars for the region.

A total of 13 restaurants received new stars, two of which were awarded the “Excellent cuisine, worth the detour” distinction by the little red guide. Denmark’s Frederikshøj and Finland’s Palace have both entered the ranks of two-Michelin-starred restaurants, having earned their first star in 2015 and 1987, respectively. This brings to 14 the number of restaurants with two Michelin stars in the Nordic countries.

Frederikshøj, located in Aarhus, serves playful dishes under the direction of Wassim Hallal. The Michelin Guide made particular reference to the restaurant’s sauces and said inspectors were blown away by the lightly glazed turbot in a velvety, savory sauce. Meanwhile, at the Palace in Helsinki, Eero Vottonen concocts Nordic cuisine with French and Japanese influences. While inspectors were impressed with the menu as a whole, they highlighted one specific dish of raw shrimp, grilled tomatoes and jalapeño served with Palace Reserve caviar, sugar snap peas and organic eggs.

A dish at Frederikshøj

RAISFOTO © Jesper Rais

Elsewhere on the list, 11 restaurants received their first-ever Michelin star, including Iceland’s ÓX, Norway’s Hyde and Sweden’s Nour. Five new restaurants have been added to the Bib Gourmand list, while five others have received a Michelin green star, which rewards places committed to sustainable gastronomy.

Overall, restaurants in the Nordic countries shine brightly in the eyes of the Michelin Guide. In the five countries included in the region, there are four three-star, 14 two-star and 56 one-star restaurants. That seems like more than enough reason to plan a trip to the region, though you’ll only be able to scratch the surface of the thriving Nordic food scene.

See the full list of 2022 Michelin Star Nordic Restaurants below.

Three Michelin stars

Geranium, Copenhagen
Noma, Copenhagen

Maaemo, Oslo

Frantzen, Stockholm

Two Michelin stars

a|o|c, Copenhagen
Alchemist, Copenhagen
Frederikshøj, Aarhus (new)
Henne Kirkeby Kro, Henne
Jordnaer, Copenhagen
Kadeau, Copenhagen
KOKS, Leynavatn
Kong Hans Kaelder, Copenhagen

Palace, Helsinki (new)

RE-NAA, Stavanger

Aloe, Stockholm
Gastrologik, Stockholm
Oaxen Krog, Stockholm
Vollmers, Malmo

One Michelin star

Lark, Copenhagen
Maid, Aarhus
Dragsholm Slot Gourmet, Horve
form B, Copenhagen
Frederiksminde, Praestø
Gastrome, Aarhus
Jatak, Copenhagen (new)
Kadeau Bornholm, Akirkeby
Kiin Kiin, Copenhagen
Kokkeriet, Copenhagen
LYST, Vejle
Marchal, Copenhagen
Me|Mu, Vejle
MOTA, Nykøbing Sjælland (new)
Sollerod Kro, Copenhagen
Substances, Aarhus
Syttende, Sonderborg
The Samuel, Copenhagen
Ti Trin Ned, Fredericia

Demo, Helsinki
Finnjavel Salonki, Helsinki
Green, Helsinki
Inari, Helsinki
Kaskis, Turku (new)
Olo, Helsinki
Ora, Helsinki

DILL, Reykjavík
ÓX, Reykjavík (new)

Bare, Bergen
Creed, Trondheim
FAGN, Trondheim
Hot Shop, Oslo (new)
Hyde, Oslo (new)
Contrast, Oslo
Lysverket, Bergen (new)
Sabi Omakase, Stavanger
Schlägergården, Oslo (new)
Speilsalen, Trondheim
Statholdergarden, Oslo
Under, Lindesnes

28+, Gothenburg
Adam / Albin, Stockholm (new)
Agricultural cultivation, Stockholm
Aira, Stockholm
ÄNG, Tvååker
bhoga, Gothenburg
Ekstedt, Stockholm
Star, Stockholm
Knystaforsen, Rydöbruk (new)
Koka, Gothenburg
Nour, Stockholm (new)
Operakällaren, Stockholm
PM & Vänner, Vaxjo
Project, Gothenburg
SK Mat & Människor, Gothenburg
Sushi Sho, Stockholm

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