Restaurants across America are keeping the Choco Taco alive

A nostalgic misfortune flooded the internet this week, when Klondike announced that the Choco Taco had been discontinued. Since its debut in 1983, handheld ice cream has been enjoyed by generations, using a taco shell-shaped cone to hold ice cream, covered in hard chocolate. But apparently enthusiasm didn’t equal sales (and no, that claim of cultural appropriation isn’t true), and the taco-style dessert is officially dead. Well, almost.

Ice cream trucks, grocery stores, and even some restaurants still have a solid supply of their latest delivery of Choco Tacos. In New York, Black Tap offers the Choco Taco atop their Crazy Cinnamon Churro Shake, which costs $17. Stock is limited, but should last about six weeks, according to a representative of the local restaurant chain. New York barbecue spot Pig Beach is also still selling Choco Tacos, posting a countdown on Instagram to share how many they have left.

Other restaurants are getting innovative, making their own chocolate-dipped ice cream taco creations to meet demand and perhaps take advantage of the new niche in the market.

In Los Angeles, the Studio City Oy Bar restaurant offers its own choco taco creation. “We heard the terrible #ChocoTaco news and had to do something,” the oyster bar posted on Instagram. “So we are resuming our turn for the next few weeks. Starting tomorrow, come cry and toast to the best liquor store. 🍫🌮” And in Smorgasburg LA, Sad Girl Creamery offers a Strawberry Shortcake Taco and The Che Taco made with Argentinian dulce de leche ice cream, plus a Mexican vanilla waffle cone with brown butter and a dark chocolate shell .

In Atlanta, two local businesses have also teamed up for their own frozen taco. Mexican restaurant Poco Loco and ice cream shop Butter and Cream have created 100 Loco Cocoa Tacos, which will be released in batches of 30 to 35 each day this week. Tucson’s Monsoon Chocolate also offers its own gourmet frozen treat, made with sweet corn cream in a waffle taco shell, topped with toasted pecans, Maldon salt and corn powder.

Small towns are also on the dessert taco bandwagon. In Allentown, Pennsylvania, The Udder Bar offers a $5 customizable ice cream taco, in which a homemade waffle shell can be filled with two scoops of ice cream (dozens of flavors available), plus toppings and sauces. And the pool bar at the newly opened 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City, their version of the Choco Taco is filled with cookies and ice cream, dipped in chocolate and coated in Oreo crumble.

In October, Salt & Straw will offer a limited-edition chocolate tacolate, featuring a handmade waffle cone as a taco shell, stuffed with cinnamon-ancho ice cream, dipped in chocolate. single origin and sprinkled with flaky salt. Locations across the country, including the brand’s hometown of Portland, OR, as well as Los Angeles, San Diego, Miami, Seattle and the Bay Area will all deliver the special.

The original Choco Taco may be gone, but mourning with one of these innovative and potentially more delicious options may be just what you need.

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Sandy A. Greer