State of Maine #1 for people returning to chain restaurants

We have recovered faster than any other state in the country.

As pandemic restrictions eased, Maine was making up for lost time by returning to indoor dining. TOP Agencyan analytics agency that tracks consumer spending in the United States, analyzed the spending habits of 12 million Americans to see how states rebounded from COVID-related declines in restaurant spending.

Mainers led the pack! Here in Maine, dining out has increased 34.39% from 2021 to 2022, the fastest recovery rate in the nation. And we went to Texas Roadhouse, most of the chain restaurants here. Texas Roadhouse was a favorite in eleven states. Here are our 5 favorites from first to fifth!

This survey covered “casual dining in America” ​​and national chains. TOP Data analyzed data which looked at visits from 12 million Americans to compare which restaurant chains and states get the most foot traffic compared to 2021. Maine was very eager to get out. We are number one! We are number one! Here are the top 10% growth.

The seemingly endless pandemic has taken its toll on everything from work, school hours, live sports, and even the fact that we couldn’t even hug our friends or family. And eating has disrupted our eating habits a lot. Chain restaurants have struggled, but there’s a certain comfort in going to a friendly restaurant that’s known. Texas Roadhouse was the number one choice in eleven states. Someone loves this saddle! Here is the map of where America went last year.

Were you part of the Texas Roadhouse gang? To see the the whole report there, it’s quite interesting.

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