This professional animator is giving LA restaurants the visual Disney treatment

Inspired by Los Angeles’ awesome restaurant scene, Disney host Kenneth Hung (@KenPaints)’s Instagram feed is dedicated to whimsical illustrations of some of the city’s best restaurants, including Here’s Looking At You, Pizzana, Quarter Sheets, Avenue 26 Tacos, and more. Released as a set of three separate articles, the digital triptychs capture both the restaurant’s signature dishes and the ambient ambiance. Hung, whose professional career began at Nickelodeon and Dreamworks, started the account in 2020 while sheltering in place and longing for meals on the town.

Each article begins with photos Hung takes during his meals. Then, using Photoshop, he digitally draws the subject based on the image and adds color accordingly. The resulting artwork is pleasingly sparse with just enough depth and detail to give viewers a sense of the restaurant’s food and ambiance. Hung has no particular goals for his paintings other than to “bring out works of art” and “show people cool restaurants.” Those interested in purchasing 10″ x 10″ prints ($25 each) of Hung’s artwork can contact him via Instagram.

A painting of 26 Tacos Avenue in Boyle Heights by Ken Hung.
Ken Hung

Salt & Straw launches an edible fragrance

Portland-based ice cream company Salt & Straw will launch a line of edible flavors to customize and personalize your scoop or simply wear as flavor on July 17. The three flavors include “A Cloud of Cocoa,” “A Plume of Blumes,” (honeysuckle and jasmine) and “A Swoon of Citrus.” The spritzes will be available at all seven Salt & Straw stores in Los Angeles. Read the full report on Food & Wine.

A New York version of Monty’s Good Burger

The New York Times The Style section takes a look at local plant-based burger chain Monty’s Good Burger in a recent story, “The Burger That Instagram Built.” Journalist Molly Creeden looks at how the brand benefits from celebrity fans, social media and coveted merchandise. Read the full article here.

The Rose Venice welcomes a new chef

Chef Jason Neroni’s Venice hit the Rose has a new head chef. Chef Travon Oliver takes on the role after rising through the ranks for five years at the restaurant.

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