Top 5 Most Popular Fried Chicken Restaurants In Portland, Oregon | restaurant review

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Covid-19 has shut down many businesses in Portland, Oregon, but fried chicken restaurants are not one of them. So, let’s see what Portland has for us:

Near the Williamette River you can find an old fashioned dive bar where you can eat super crispy fried chicken. Does that sound unbelievable to you? If so, then Reel M Inn is a perfect place where you can have lip-smacking and crispy fried chicken with a nice bar atmosphere.

Another example where a food truck’s fried chicken is way better than most of the big restaurants in town. In almost every city in the United States, there must be a food truck that serves extremely mouth-watering fried chicken. A lot of people still don’t want to believe that Jojo’s food truck has no equal. You should also try it if it is near your home or workplace.

Not only in Portland or Oregon, but Fomo chicken is also extremely famous in many US states. That’s because they serve the same flavor, sauces, crunch, and juiciness in every chicken. If you don’t believe it, you have to at least give it a try.

This southern restaurant is not as old as it was opened in 2019. But one of the shocking things is that it gained such a reputation in no time. And it’s now one of the best fried chickens out there, especially when it comes to southern-style fried chicken.

Portlanders’ favorite place when it comes to eating a chicken meal. But the fried chicken at this restaurant is a real gem.

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Sandy A. Greer