Top 5 Most Popular Jamaican Restaurants in Portland, Oregon | restaurant review

This list is based on feedback from previous customers.


5. Jamaica house 1

Jamaica House is the most popular Jamaican house-style interpretation on the island. It serves exotic Caribbean dishes in a family atmosphere. Located in the heart of Portland, Jamaica House has become an instant favorite for authentic Jamaican dishes and homemade desserts that appeal to all tastes. From fresh juices and single malt scotches to delicious selections of tropical spices, Jamaica House delivers that distinctive island feel.

4. FiMi Kingston

This place has a very authentic menu with delicious Caribbean cuisine. If you’re looking to try new flavors and want a bit of Jamaica, this is the place to go. You will be delighted with the jerk chicken and the beef patties with their goat curry.

3. Yaad-style Jamaican cuisine

Yaad Style is a local favorite serving up traditional Jamaican dishes, from spicy jerk chicken to goat curry. Always a favorite with customers is their callaloo soup and carrot juice. Other popular dishes include coconut shrimp, ackee and saltfish, oxtail, fried plantains and spam. YaadStyle is also renowned for its friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

2. Belizean Love

Love Belizean is no ordinary restaurant. it’s an experience. Surrounded by Caribbean vibes, familiar and new dishes, and beautiful city views, Love Belizean is a great reason to make your reservations now. The food tastes like home served with a heavenly edge. They use quality ingredients and allow customers to order on the go and serve great meals.

1. Jamaican home cooking

You can always spot home-style Jamaican cuisine by the aroma of buttery jerk chicken and other island specialties floating down the street. Home cooking with stone-cut Jamaican dishes and daily specials that vary with fresh produce.

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Sandy A. Greer