United the husky disappeared after hiking Indian Beach Trail in OR


Uni was last seen on Saturday, June 11, along the Indian Beach Trail, the dog’s owner, Sohee Lee, said in a Facebook group dedicated to the pup’s return. (Photo by Sohee Lee)

An online community is rallying to search for a 4-year-old husky who went missing after hiking in an Oregon state park.

The dog, named Uni, was last seen on Saturday, June 11, along the Indian Beach Trail, owner Sohee Lee said in a Facebook group dedicated to the pup’s return.

The group, Find the universitybrought together more than 500 members in three days, some helping out from out of state.

“I’m all the way to Portland, ME but praying your daughter comes home safe,” one user posted. “I keep checking Craigslist, FB messages to see if anyone posts it. I shared it in the Empire State Snow Dog Club in case any members live in the area. We’re rooting for you guys. guys! Stay strong!”

Another user said he was “emailing from Texas!”

Lee told McClatchy News she was overwhelmed with the support she received.

“It’s amazing how much foreigners care,” Lee said. “I’ve never met these people, and they’re doing this for me and for Uni. It’s just, it’s amazing. But unfortunately, even with all of this effort, we haven’t even had a single sighting of them. ‘she.

Uni disappeared while Lee was hiking the Indian Beach Trail with her friend and their dogs. She temporarily let Uni let go of her leash as she trudged through a muddy area and intended to put it back on afterwards.

“As soon as we let her go, she and the other 2 dogs started running ahead of us. I walked through the muddy spot and looked up to find the dogs were gone,” Lee wrote. on Facebook “When we called their names two of the dogs came back but Uni never did.”

Since Uni’s disappearance, Lee said she has searched the area, reported her missing to local police departments, posted on local Facebook groups for missing animals, distributed flyers throughout the community, notified shelters and rescues and even camped out in the parking lot with Uni’s favorite. food.

If others want to help find Uni, Lee asks them to join the Facebook group and help distribute and hang flyers in the area.

As there were no sightings from Uni, Lee said she believed someone had taken the dog.

“So we’re trying to get everyone to post the flyers at gas stations, post offices, police stations, grocery stores, pet stores, wherever they can think of,” Lee said.

Lee is also offering a cash reward to anyone who returns Uni.

“‘I’ll do anything to get her back,'” Lee said. “I don’t care why they took her. I don’t care where they took her. I don’t care. Please, please, please give it back to us.

Uni, named after uni sushi for its “bright orange coat”, has blue eyes, weighs about 45 pounds and has shorter legs than other huskies, Lee said.

If you spot her or have any information, you can contact Lee at (503) 893-4208.

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Sandy A. Greer