Whitfield and Moersdorf lead the Beavers to Long Beach

Long Beach, California – Outstanding performance of Jade Whitfield and Anneke Moersdorf lead the Oregon State women’s track and field team Thursday at the Pacific Coast Intercollegiate Meet at Long Beach State.

A redshirt freshman from Visalia, Calif., Whitfield took eighth place and set the No. 2 drive mark at 168-5, an improvement of nearly five feet from his previous PR. She went from No. 4 to No. 2 on the all-time list, behind Melissa Ausman.

A junior from San Luis Obispo, Calif., Moersdorf flew 19-3.50 in the long jump and placed fourth, improving her outside PR by more than 14 inches and setting the No. 9 mark in the history of school. She also holds the second indoor mark of 19-5.25, set in Spokane last February.

First-year student Isabelle Esler finished sixth in the javelin at 146-0. Second year Jazlyn Romero was seventh at 144-9, tying his PR, which was already the No. 9 mark in school history.

First-year student Jada Hurley took second place in the 100 in 12.02; second year Abby Buckley finished eighth in 12.31. Hurley was 10 years oldand (25.44), Buckley 15and (25.81) in the 200s; each ran a leg on the 400 relay team, which placed fourth (47.56).

Senior Emma Nelson (5-7.25) and freshman Lara Denbow (5-5.25) went 5-6 in the high jump.

The Beavers who competed on Thursday will stay in California for the Beach Invitational, scheduled for Friday and Saturday at the Jack Rose track in Long Beach State.

The distance team will compete in the Lewis & Clark Invitational on Saturday at the Eldon Fix track at Griswold Stadium in Portland. No field event competitors are entered.


The Beavers will compete in the Oregon Relays at Hayward Field in Eugene from April 21-23.

Pacific Coast Intercollegiate

Long Beach, California | Track Jack Rose

Thursday’s results

Events on the ground

Hammer: 23. Billings of Markayla167-9.

Disk: 8. Jade Whitfield, 168-5. 23. Caitlyn Marx, 143-9. 30. Jordan Spradlin140-6.

Long jump: 4. Anneke Moersdorf, 19-3.25. 9. Chelsea Howard18-5.25.

Shot put : 7. Taylor Crockem, 48-8.75. 48. Jordan Spradlin37-8.50.

Javelin: 6. Isabelle Esler, 146-0. 7. Jazlyn Romero144-9.

Big jump: 5. Emma Nelson, 5-7.25. T6. Lara Denbow, 5-5.25. 14. Savannah Reilly5-3.25.

The track events

100: 2. Jada Hurley, 12.02. 8. Abby Buckley, 12.31. 23. Chelsea Howard23.61.

200: ten. Jada Hurley, 25.44. 15. Abby Buckley25.81.

800:10. paige sefried2:18.81.

100 hurdles: 24. Anneke Moersdorf15.10.

400 hurdles: 9. Taylor Weidinger1:03.82.

400 relays: 4. Oregon State, 47.56 (Adaël Scatena, Jada Hurley, Abby Buckley, Chelsea Howard).

Invitation to the beach

Long Beach, California | Track Jack Rose

Participants from Friday to Saturday

Events on the ground

Long jump: Chelsea Howard.

Big jump: Emma Nelson, Anneke Moersdorf, Lara Denbow, Savannah Reilly.

The track events

100: Jada Hurley, Abby Buckley, Chelsea Howard.

200: Abby Buckley, Chelsea Howard, Anneke Moersdorf.

800: paige sefried.

100 hurdles: Adaël Scatena, Anneke Moersdorf.

400 hurdles: Taylor Weidinger, Adaël Scatena.

400 relays: Jada Hurley, Abby Buckley, Chelsea Howard, Taylor Weidinger.

relay 1600: Adaël Scatena, paige sefried, Jada Hurley, Taylor Weidinger.

Invitation Lewis & Clark

Portland, OR | Eldon fixed track

Saturday registrants

The track events

800: Grace Fetherstonhaugh, Kaylee Mitchell, Mary Friedman, Sydney van der Zee.

1500: Audrey Looker, Alyssa Foote, Christina Geisler, Liv Downing, Emilie Foote, Emilie PerezDelia Deleon, Kate Intile, Gaby Peterson.

3000 steeplechase: Christina Geisler.

400 hurdles: Jade Newton.

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