12 new restaurants and food carts in Portland you need to know

Keeping a food business alive in 2020 is a separate challenge: turning a business into a take-out model, buying the equipment needed to keep things safe and healthy on an already low budget, and running a business with a fraction. of the usual catch. -Home Pay makes the simple act of staying afloat a feat.

Business owners who open a restaurant, however, face all of the above challenges without name recognition. Many business owners have opened restaurants out of necessity this year – signed leases still exist, and summer festival pop-ups don’t. However, those unexpectedly opening restaurants and food carts still offer exceptional comfort food, take-out dinners and family meals, masked and cooked. These are just a few of the new restaurants to know about amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


A food cart in Southeast Portland, Chef Nacheaux Anthony Brown created supreme and distinct comfort food, drawing inspiration from Cajun, Mexican and old-school Americana to create dishes from another world like fried chicken burritos and crawfish filled sopes. However, Nacheaux’s five-cheese macaroni and cheese – additions like the optional carnitas and catfish – fit that kind of platonic ideal of elbows in a sauce that isn’t too thick or thin.
Where is it: In the Cartlandia capsule, 8145 SE 82nd Avenue.
Take-out, delivery, on site? Takeout and delivery via DoorDash, plus food basket seats
Learn more: Nacheaux food cart [Instagram]

Rowan Cafe

On paper, Rowan coffee looks like any other coffee – toast, granola with yogurt, coffee, breakfast sandwiches. In person, the cafe serves meticulous versions of the breakfast – the avocado toast is served with watermelon radish shavings, the bacon egg and cheese is lightly sweetened with the blueberry jam, and the granola and yogurt are also accompanied by rose water and matcha. powder.
Where is it: 4437 SE 39th Avenue
Take-out, delivery, on site? Take-out, on-site dining, and curbside pickup
Learn more: Rowan Cafe [Official]

Kabba’s kitchen

This new West African food cart from MLK not only features killer versions of eve – mafe yapp (Senegalese meat and peanut stew), chicken kebab, dibi. But Kabba is one of the only places in Portland that serves fatayas, Senegalese fried meat pies flavored with cumin.
Where is it: 3625 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Take-out, delivery, on site? Go out
Learn more: Kabba’s kitchen [Official]


Of the team behind Bullard, Holler is the more relaxed cousin – bucket-fried chicken, family packs of burgers, tater tots and pints of ice cream. This fried chicken is still the version that made Chef Doug Adams famous, cured and soaked in buttermilk before it reached the deep fryer.
Where is it: 7119 SE Milwaukie Avenue
Take-out, delivery, on site? Go out
Learn more: Bawl [Official]

Sun Noodles

Revelry leader Diane Lam and David Sigal of the famous Chinese pop-up series Mian have made their new pop-up concept semi-permanent. Sunshine Noodles has moved into the kitchen of the cozy Psychic Bar on Mississippi Avenue, where diners can grab lunch to go Thursday through Saturday. Silky egg noodles are the star of the show, especially Phnom Penh noodles with Chinese greens and pork slices in a rich pork broth, but dishes like potato chip salad and kampot pepper wings Cambodian bring much needed pleasure to eat in 2020.
Where is it: 3560 N Mississippi Avenue
Take-out, delivery, on site? Take out, limited outdoor seating
Learn more: Sun Noodles [Official]


A Japanese cafe by Ryan and Elena Roadhouse – the team behind the omakase next door, Nodoguro – Tonari was originally scheduled to move to a bar in the evening. The pandemic means Tonari is operating at limited hours instead, selling its onigiri, caesar saba salads, yellowtail sashimi, and take-out-only tofu shakes. There is also an option for a daily rotating teishoku set, a fixed meal that includes a choice of main courses as well as daily sides and rice.
Where is it: 2838 SE Belmont Street
Take-out, delivery, on site? Go out
Learn more: Tonari [Official]

Lazy susan

When the Michelin-starred team behind Lazy Susan began planning the restaurant, they intended to create something reminiscent of a fine, family-run 20th-century chain, with steaks, a shrimp cocktail, and pork chops. But when COVID-19 hit, the team turned to something closer to a backyard barbecue, with grilled meats, potato salad, and seasonal vegetable sides. The restaurant is temporarily closed while its co-owners tend to their new baby, but once Lazy Susan returns later this month, it’ll ruin you for more barbecues.
Where is it: 7937 SE Stark Street
Take-out, delivery, on site? To take away, when opened. A few seats on the sidewalk.
Learn more: The long-awaited star-studded Lazy Susan serves cooking lunches four days a week [EPDX]


At this Italian restaurant in Kerns, executive chef Sedona McCaffrey-Allen makes inexpensive, handmade pasta mixed with everything from beef and pork bolognese to basil and mint pesto. But the restaurants’ homemade ice creams and sorbets, the outdoor seating, and the take-out market set Montelupo apart.
Where is it: 344 NE 28th Avenue
Take-out, delivery, on site? All three; delivery is available via Caviar, DoorDash, GrubHub and Postmates
Learn more: Montelupo [Official]

Food from Ko Sisters in Seoul

This Korean food cart has a lot of standards, like bibimbap, bulgogi, and Korean fried chicken; Perhaps most exciting, however, Ko Sisters is delving into the street food skewers that are harder to find in Korean restaurants in Portland, like Korean Fish Cakes and Corn Dogs.
Where is it: In the Cartside food cart basket, 1825 N Williams Avenue.
Take-out, delivery, on site? Take-out meals, alfresco dining on site
Learn more: Ko sisters [Official]

Taquería Los Puñales

A third-generation taquero’s taco store, the Taquería Los Puñales aesthetic is a celebration of queer and Mexican cultures. Its tacos are mostly made with guisados ​​- cooked meats like mole-braised chicken, grilled pork loin marinated in adobo, or slow-braised beef with chili peppers. There are also vegetarian and vegan options, sides, breakfast tacos, and agua frescas.
Where is it: 3312 SE Belmont Street
Take-out, delivery, on site? On site, to take away
Learn more: Taquería Los Puñales [Official]


A Sicilian cafe in Montavilla, Sebastiano’s family-run boutique is open for take out and private happy hours on the back patio. Diners can find a variety of muffalettas, salads, and desserts to take out, as well as cheeses, olives, cold cuts, and staples like pasta, pesto, and tomato sauce.
Where is it: 411 SE 81st Avenue.
Take-out, delivery, on site? Take-out meals and reserved meals on the terrace
Learn more: Sébastien’s [Official]

Miami Nice

Miami Nice chef and owner Valerie Espinoza didn’t originally plan to open a restaurant for her vegan Cuban cuisine, and instead planned to host a variety of pop-ups. However, the pandemic has more or less strained his hand, which is good for anyone wanting to get their hands on some of his herbal take on Miami Cuban staples – a Cubano is made with slowly roasted jackfruit. and a homemade “ham”, plus vegan cheese and pickles; the empanadas are made with soy picadillo; and even the custard is vegan.
Where is it: 2137 East Burnside Street
Take-out, delivery, on site? Take away meals, terrace
Learn more: Miami Nice [Official]

2838 Belmont Street South East, Portland, OR

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