Enjoy These Delicious BBQ Restaurants in Greater Portland

Some culinary experiences will remain forever etched in your memory. Sure, some may not be so pleasant, but the majority are memories of pure happiness. Maybe it was the perfect bite or sip. Maybe it was an extravagant meal or the perfect bottle of wine. Whatever they are, they tend to leave a lasting impression for the rest of your life.

For me, one of those memories has to be the first bite into a deliciously smoked pork chop. There’s nothing quite like a perfect bite through a seasoned, juicy and tender rib. Quite frankly, it can be a religious experience.

Let’s be honest, the same goes for all barbecues. What carnivore doesn’t like the combination of meat and smoke? This is most likely the very first cooking method that existed. It’s probably in our DNA.

Even though we are fine in the northern part of this country, the Greater Portland area is doing very well when it comes to its smoky cuisine. Over the past decade, the area has truly built its reputation as a barbecue restaurant.

Below you will find a list of barbecue joints and trucks that can be found in Greater Portland. These spots have all built wonderful followers and continue to grow, even in uncertain times.

It is also a very diverse group. You will be able to find many different cooking styles like Latin, Jamaican, Korean and virtually any region of the United States. It really is a well-stacked deck.

Want a bit of a benchmark? Find out more about Greater Portland’s Cue culture below.

Quick note: Many other restaurants in the Greater Portland area serve barbecue dishes. However, we specifically targeted “barbecue restaurants” for this list.

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