Portland Public Schools expand gun ban

The Portland Public Schools Board voted this week to expand its weapons ban to prevent anyone with a concealed firearms license from carrying a weapon on PPS property.

The action follows a bill the Oregon Legislature passed earlier this year giving schools the ability to prohibit the concealed carry of weapons on school property, the report reported. Oregon Public Broadcasting.

A media analysis found that about 13% of Oregon’s public school districts have enacted a ban.

The West Linn-Wilsonville School District recently adopted a revised policy. Disturbances postponed a meeting to discuss policy in Eugene last month.

Comments from members of the Portland Public Schools community and the superintendent showed strong support for the resolution.

In a June 10 memo to council, Supt. Guadalupe Guerrero cited the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas as an event that raised security concerns.

“We need to stay focused on making our schools safer by taking a more holistic approach that focuses on background, behavioral and mental health supports for students, continue to make specific improvements to physical safety and student safety. schools and be effectively prepared for potential crises. ”, according to the note.

The staff memo outlined the district’s current safety efforts and shared research to support a staff point that “having guns in schools does not make teachers, students and staff safer.” “.

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Sandy A. Greer