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Is the popularity of veganism slowing down?

According to a new report from the Chef’s Pencil team, the answer might be yes, but there is a silver lining for restaurants. The team used a variety of datasets, including Google search trends, Google Adwords, and sales insights for research.

Vegan-related searches have actually increased over the past two years in the United States. But the surge is being fueled almost exclusively by vegans looking to eat out, as searches for vegan restaurants and vegan food near me skyrocketed in the summer of 2021, and the first quarter of 2022 also looks particularly strong.

Data from Google Trends shows that the relative popularity of veganism has dropped over the past two years in the United States. Supporting data from Google Adwords, which provides absolute search data volumes, shows a more nuanced picture of the popularity of veganism in the United States.

Data from Google Trends shows that the UK continues to be the country where veganism is most popular, with the US ranking 11th globally, while Portland, Oregon ranks 2nd globally in city ​​rankings.

Chef’s Pencil analyzed the search volumes of the 500 most popular vegan-related keywords performed in the United States over a four-year period. This covers a wide range of vegan-related searches, from vegan recipes to vegan butter and chocolate to searches like vegan food and vegan restaurants.

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Sandy A. Greer